When to re-start?

I am still pretty new on the Dex, so tomorrow will be my first attempt to make it go past 7 days. My question is: Do you restart it after it shuts itself down, or do you manually stop it when the time is near then re-start?


I usually wait until it runs it's course. I restart when it tells me to. I don't think it really matters though. I am on a schedule now in which I know I will not be busy when it's time to change my site.

You can wait until it runs out, unless the calibration time would be bad, like, before bed. In that case, I would restart it earlier in the day.

It doesn't matter which way you do it. If one way is more convenient do it that way. Either let the sensor run out its time so that it stops itself or do the stop sensor from the Dexcom controls. Then just do a start sensor like you had just put in a new one. You'll still have to go through the two hours calibration time period and enter two finger sticks at the end. Hopefully you will have better luck than I have trying to get a lot more time out of my sensors. I consider myself very fortunate if I can get 10 days total. Other people go 2-3 weeks.

Thanks everyone! I'm getting great accuracy out of this one so I've got my fingers crossed it will last another week at least!

Either way will work. I personally prefer to choose the the stop/restart time that is more convenient to my schedule.

I like to change it on MY schedule, so I shut it down for a few minutes and restart.... I'm on day 16 with mine now. I don't wait for it to shut down on its own because it may want calibrations when I'm busy, but I'm sure lots of folks do!

I prefer to do the restart at my convenience, and use the Stop Sensor.

Remember to go to the choice for STOP SENSOR, not shutdown. Unfortunately, on the screen, shutdown shows up first, and stop sensor is after that.

Shutdown will also work, but I found it takes longer.

I usually get 10-14 days.

I like my BG to be steady when I do the two entries for start.

So, if I have lunch at 1, then I stop and start at 4 PM, So that the start will be before dinner, at 6 pm.

If I know that I won't be home till 7, then I stop and start at 5 pm.

Just don't want to have to enter the two BG entries when I have recently eaten and might have a fast trend.