Any Tips for Stalling the Dexcom CGMs 7th Day expiration without the 2 hr loss of data restart?

I think it would be nice to stall the 7th day expiration without a 2hr restart to a more convenient time later that day when it tells you when your always busy “Time to change” I tried moving the date up a few hundred years to a
year that’s the same.(Did not work) Help Me Out Here

Just need a simple Hack
Come on now help me out with this

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nice try changing to a new year, sorry to hear it didn’t work. the only thing i have been able to manage is to shut the sensor down two-hours before a convenient time and then turning it back on. i generally get 10 to 14 days out of a sensor.

YOu don’t have to wait for the “change sensor soon” warning. near the end of day 6, I find a time mid-morning well after breakfast when i know my BGs will be steady, and stop the sensor, and do a restart. No real data is lost. My results the second week are far more accurate than the first week.

I did figure a way to skip the restart cycle. Leaving a hint how i did it.
But its a pain in the rear to set up and track afterward so i am just doing a restart like everyone else.
My endo reviews my data every Sunday (for free) & it was very upsetting for him so I had to stop doing it.
Allen just a personal note; I don’t feel it’s a good idea to use your full name on a diabetic blog that is cached by Google every hour (just type your name in Google and see) Most of us have other professional persona’s (mine is in the web media business) as a CEO & JJ is my first and middle name (my full name is known to Millions on the internet). I feel sorry for the people who use there full name when they go to apply for a job in the 6 figure zone and there is more about diabetes and there complications with it than about there professional footprint.By the way if you want to get rid of your diabetic footprint in Google i can show you how to make it go away forever very quickly
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I will address this issue to the Blog when i return to the Coast.

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thanks for the advise JJ, i would be interested in learning how to erase the diabetic footprint.

Interesting that you see better results in the second week…I’ve been using the Seven for 15 months now, and I’ve often joked that it should be called the Six because performance for me in the first several hours and last several hours can be spotty. I’ve always changed out the sensor after 7 days…I think I might give it a try this week to extend it a few more days. I’d only be interested in doing this for the performance benefit, not the cost savings.

You are able to stop the sensor as well as start it. So stop the sensor when it is convenient to wait the three hours and start it again for your convenience.