Quick Help

Hi Everyone -

I have my Endo appt this afternoon and am at work. Is there anyway that I can get the info from my G4 to download here at work? I have the Tutorial on this computer but forget if there's another disk in the box or not. First Endo appt since the new G4 - can you tell?! Anyone help?

You can download the software from Dexcom. http://www.dexcom.com/dexcom-studio

and you can download the results to the computer provided you have the USB cord that came with the G4

Actually any USB regular to USB micro will work!

I know this is a little late, but I just found out that the recharging cord is actually a USB cord that is plugged into the box which has the electric plug in it. You can take that cord out, and use it to upload your G4. You have to google Dexcom Studio, which you can then download onto your office computer, IF it's a PC. Dexcom has so far not honored us Mac users with a program we can use on Macs. You might as well do it, even if it's too late for this doc appt. -- you can do it next time if you have to! :-)

Laura - Since you raised the issue of downloading the G4 Dex, I hope you will not mind a suggestion. Even though I have used a CGM since 2009, I only intermittently downloaded the data and tried to analyze to help with my BG control. Lately I've been downloading several times per week from my G4 to the Studio software.

I have found that monitoring the data on a regular basis to be a useful exercise. It helps you to "see the forest that's obscured by the trees." You can identify trends sooner that will zero in on parts of the day that give you trouble. So, instead of realizing that you have a problem after a few weeks, you can see it after just a few days.

Tweaking basals (or long-acting insulin if you're not on a pump) is much easier with the Studio software. Perhaps the biggest benefit that this software enables is the ability to monitor BG variability. Once I understood the benefits of targeting BG variability as measured by standard deviation, I found it directly related to how well I feel day-to-day. When I can keep my standard deviation at 30 or under, I actually feel better. The lower the standard deviation the tighter all the data points are to the average number.

I apologize if this is way more than you wanted to know, but I thought perhaps a nudge to get you to consider using this data yourself may help you exercise better control by simple analysis of the data. I have not made any gains in this way by relying on my endo. They don't seem to have enough time to make substantial ongoing suggestions using the abundance of data that I present to them by way of my pump, BG meter, and CGM.

Thanks to All!