Dexcom Compression Issues

Hey, all! Seasons greetings. I’m new to the Dexcom 6 after a longish break from the D4. I also use the Omnipod and have had site issues with compression. Should I be worried about that with G6 sensor sites? I just inserted a new one and it’s right at my belt line on my belly. Maybe I need to pull out my higher or elastic waisted pant options!?

You surmised correctly. You don’t want it under a waistband.


Thanks Dave. So far no problem but I’ll proceed with caution.

As I am now AARP eligible, I have begun hiking my pants up like all old guys do. If I put the sensor on low on my belly and hike my pants up over it it sometimes works but other times I get a temporary “sensor error”.

Now in the Dexcom promotional videos they show a teen age girl put one low on her belly and then zip high waisted jeans over the site. Lemme tell you, I am no teenager!!!

No teenagers live in my house either!

I wear mine on the back of my arm and some times have compression false lows. Most often when I’m sleeping if I lay on it too long it will cause a sudden drop and alarm.

In the middle of the night when I’ve had a flat sugar for hours and then a sudden drop I’m pretty used to it being that and don’t normally test my sugar. Plus when I get off the sensor it will go back to the correct number quickly.

I can’t see a pattern but some inserts seem to be more compression sensitive but I haven’t identified a pattern yet.

Thanks, Chris. I’ll keep that in mind. I haven’t worn mine on my arm yet, but would like to explore more real estate.

I use the libre miaomiao2 combo, and recently discovered g50 recommended using the chest area above the nipple and its working well so far. I’m on my 3rd day, and used flex fix tape over the entire setup, and feel the accuracy is equal to the arm…probably should not sleep on your stomach, but apparently, you are not suppose to sleep on your stomach anyway…

I guess trial and error…just hate to waste 10 plus days worth of device on a bad site or be unaware of inaccurate readings.

Didn’t know you could get compression issues with sensors. My doc has been nagging me to have a system with an alarm that will wake me up so I can do blood check when it hits 3.0 at two a.m.! Next time I see her I’ll tell her about this.

I don’t know how prevalent the compression problem might be, but do know that having warnings for lows and highs make the occasional glitches worth it. With my Opod, I’ve just learned that my back as a site doesn’t work for me. The Dex is quite a bit smaller and might not be as prone. I’d recommend!

I am cursed with a hairy chest and abdomen, and therefore have been using insertion points on the back of my arm for a couple of years. Seems to work great in general, except that I sleep on my side. I have definitely noticed the compression issues, and these make sense since the CGM can’t “sip” if the tubing is squeezed. Typically this phenomenon is worst the day or two right after insertion, then less problematic… but it varies by insertion in my experience.

One trick I’ve tried (doesn’t work super well) is to put a band around my arm just above/below the insertion, to keep the CGM from getting squished as much. However, I’m afraid that I might roll over and detach the CGM.

That does sound problematic. I guess there are arguments against shaving a small area each time you switch out a sensor. It’d make for an interesting design on your torso over time!
I haven’t tried Dex on the arm. I have placed my Opod there, but I’m a side sleeper as well so it’s not always comfortable. Maybe the love handles on your back would work for you.