Sensor Locations

Hello All,
Week three into the Dex Com and am overall satisfied. Only con is I am starting to itch on my belly where the sensor is located. Does anyone use any other locations that is just as or more accurate?
Thanks in adavance!

We have only ever used the "love handle" area of my 11 year old. He refuses anything on his belly and we've had pretty accurate results.

My daughter is also 11, we have been on Omnipod 3 months, now considering dex also, does your son wear a pump as well? Best, natalie

Just a quick update,
I decided to stick my sensor behind my right arm. So far so good, never even notice it and the SD is between 3-7% from my meter. Would reccommend it!

I had no luck with my outer thigh, but my inner thigh works great!

jrtpup gave me these great instructions on placing the sensor: sit with your thighs touching. Place the sensor about 2 inches above the point where they touch (2 or 10 o'clock if you think of your thigh as a clock).

I put mine about 5 or 6 inches above my knee. Very accurate readings!

Does this ever cause a problem when crossing your legs? Trying to find good spots for Dex and OmniPod. I'm pretty thin and there's not a lot of choices. Have been reserving my stomach for Dex, but also trying to find other good sites for OmniPod.

I put it on my thigh and get much more accurate results when compared to finger sticks. I put in on my stomach area, above or below my waist, for the first year of use. I will not use that area again...the results were just not as good.


That sounds soooo painful! Is it?

Hi Barney! I love putting my Dex on my upper butt cheek! I put it in a nice, fatty place and the numbers are fantastic! Just make sure it is below your pant line. I've tried it once off to the side of my butt, but I don't think there was enough fat there so the readings weren't as good. It's nice because it's out of the way and I don't see it. Plus it is less painful for me on the butt compared to the abdomen. That also leaves my arm, thigh, stomach and lower back for my Omnipod.

p.s. Congrats on the Dex, Barney!! I know you are newly diagnosed (like me). I remember your first post on the forum which you put up recently about adjusting to type 1. The Dex has saved me so many times, and it is teaching me a lot about how I metabolize food. Super good decision for me and I think you'll find the same for yourself :) Only bad thing is that I have some small scars from leaving it in for several weeks. Gotta figure out what to do about that...

Nope, not painful at all, and great readings.

Glad it worked for you too Kate!

Well, I'm 8 months pregnant - I haven't been able to cross my legs for weeks! lol! I think you could cross the leg with the sensor over the leg without it with no issue. I'm sure you could do it the other way as well, you may just rub the sensor. That never bothers me, though...

Similar to you, I was using my stomach for the Dex and rotating the pod elsewhere. Once my stomach was no longer viable due to its ever growing girth I had to find another area for the Dex. Inner thigh is where it's at for this girl!

I was totally weirded out the first time! But it did not hurt at all. In fact, it felt it much less than in my stomach. Now the second time I must have been right on a nerve or something because I could not bear it! So I removed the sensor (don't you hate doing that!) and placed the new one about half an inch off with no issues. I have had no other issues since then with sensor placement.

And the readings are spot on! I didn't even have the usual 24 hour wacky readings yesterday with my new sensor. Accurate readings from day 1!


Have you tried that other place I talked about yet? Still using it as often as possible, awesome readings and seems to last longer too.

i use the tops and outer part of my thighs no more than half-way between my hip junction and my knee. i will have to try the inner thigh location. kinda scares me but it could be a positive experience!

i found gut useless and arm reliable. others have found other non gut locations that appear to get good results.

nope. I just can't bring my self to try it now! Just as my stomach is growing, so are they :)

I tired it on my inner thigh and I have not had arrows most of the time! I really like knowing where I am trending and Iam not geting them on my thigh. Any ideas why?