Dexcom G4 adhesive choices

I am waiting for my Dexcom G4 to arrive today or tomorrow and trying to get everything prepped to begin asap. I am paying out of my own pocket for sensors so I want to ensure they stay stuck where I put them. I have seen MANY different opinions spanning years on what people use over transmitter and sensors and it is like overload on what I should take as good suggestions. I may be taking the easy/lazy way out, but considering all the things I have to learn in the next few days, I am hoping suggestions can come to me rather than spanning these sites once again looking for suggestions on what works best for securing the sensor in place.
I live in Canada, I am a stay at home Mom to 2 young kids, it is not humid where I live and I am not overly active with swimming or sweat producing activities. I have never had sensitivity to adhesives.
Please suggestions on what works best?

What works for me is to first apply the Dexcom G4 sensor, to clean, dry skin, wiped with alcohol pad. Then put on transmitter. After it is on, I use liquid Skin-Tac and using a cotton swab apply it to the white tape surrounding the sensor, and let it dry until 'tacky'.

Then I take 1 sheet of IV-3000 adhesive, and cut a rectangular hole in it, to match the size of the transmitter. Then apply the IV-3000 to cover the white tape around the sensor, with the transmitter not being covered.

I've heard many others use Flexifix, which is very similar to IV-3000, and can be purchased by the roll, rather than sheets, for much less. When my IV-3000 runs out, I'll probably switch to that. Hypafix is another good alternative, which is a white tape rather than transparent.

Most people seem to cut a hole for the transmitter, or tape around it with strips, but some just cover the whole thing. Both methods seem to work fine, but Dexcom recommends to not cover the transmitter.

Some have found OTC products such as large waterproof bandaids, or 'bands' to wrap around it when doing activities where it might get knocked off. I think there is a website for the bands, but have not used one.

I would second the recommendation of Opsite Flexifix. I have the Medtronic sensors but the 4" roll covers the whole thing and I suspect would work with the Dexcom too. It is handy in that if it starts to peel up (if you occasionally sweat or whatever, I know the Dexs last quite a bit longer so it repairs may be needed?) you can batten it down with a piece trimmed to order. I run and get quite sweaty and have had times where the sensor will have a pile of sweat, blood, interstitial fluid (ha ha), etc. piled up around it and I'll use a lancet to jab a hole in the Flexifix, drain it and the tape keeps holding. It's strong stuff. The only downside might be if you have to take the transmitter off to recharge it? I haven't figured that out entirely with the new sensors that are supposed to last longer but it's a work in progress.

I will repeat my procedure and I am sure there are many more. It will finally be what works best for you. If you view the transmitter in its vertical plane, About 1/3 from the top of the transmitter, I put one Tegaderm film across so that it covers about 1/2 to 2/3 of the sensor and tapes down on my skin on each side and below the transmitter. So the transmitter is vertical and the film is horizontal across it. Then I take a second Tegaderm and place it horizontally on the skin above the transmitter and cover to overlap the first film and down on each side on the skin. Don't know if you can picture this. But I use the transmitter vertically on the front inner part of my arms so I don't sleep on it. It is fully covered with the two films. I have to trim and add more tape for week two.

Now, regardless of how much tape you put on, it can be knocked loose if you walk into a door sill or other hard surface, it you hit it just right. You won't always remember you have this slight protrusion on your body. But the two Tegaderms protect mine most of the time. And since mine isn't on the outside of the arm, I am less likely to knock it off or loosen it. Ditto with the abdomen if you use that surface. The tegaderm comes off the sensor very easy, no residue left on it.

I used to use the IV3000 to hold down my pump insertion site but it just got worse and worse at staying stuck and was not water resistant for me. With the Tegaderm, I am careful not to let shower water pour on it but it holds up well for showering.

Oh, and as someone else is saying, clean dry surface is basic. I use IV Prep wipes, not alcohol, as it works better for me.

Opsite Flexifix is all I have ever used. I have a 4" wide roll that I bought more than a year ago. Best $20 investment I have ever made. I just cut a hole out for the transmitter and cover over the entire adhesive patch. The longest I have managed to wear the same sensor is 28 days. I average at least 2 weeks usually more.