Dexcom G4 and mammogram

I had a mammogram on tuesday which worked out well because I needed to change my sensor that day anyways. I have been called back for a diagnostic digital mammogram on friday. Can I keep my Dexcom up and running? I want my cgm protected but hate to lose the remaining days on this sensor. What do you think should I take it out?

Do you have to take out the sensor? You can leave the transmitter with your clothes, and it will register no signal while it is out of range, but will connect right up again once it is in range.

I think you should call Dexcom with this question!

The brief safety statement from Dexcom states : Remove the Dexcom G4 Platinum system before MRI, CT scan, or diathermy treatment. It does not say anything about digital mammography. I would still give them a call to check, but I don't think it would be a problem to keep the sensor on and running.

Been there done that. Not a problem.

I only remove it when asked to! Always CT scans & MRI, sometimes x-rays. Have had several mammograms without removing the sensor.

Thank you everyone for your answers. I emailed Dexcom and they said to leave it up and running and to contact them if I was asked to turn it off.

Only problem with that is you sit on hold for 45 minutes before anyone picks up the phone. I had that problem last night with a sensor that did the ??? 3 times in the first hour of use and then gave me three readings and 3 more ??? so I waited on the phone for at least 1/2 hour before getting an answer from tech support.

A mammogram is really just a type of X-ray. You shouldn't have any problem. Even a CT scan shouldn't really affect it unless the sensor is in the way of the beams. The only radiology test you would need to remove it for is probably an MRI. Obviously call Dexcom and ask, but I can't imagine a sensor or transmitter getting in the way of x-ray beams involved in mammogram, x-ray, or CT.