Pump & upcoming mammogram

I’m currently using the Medtronic 630G pump. I have an upcoming mammogram - Should I take the pump off during that? How about the CGM transmitter?


I take my pump off for mine, but leave my Dexcom sensor and transmitter inserted.


Mammograms are done using low dose X-rays. Basically all of the manufactures say not to expose your pump or CGM receiver to X-rays. So you should probably remove your pump and CGM receiver. To be really careful you should keep your pump and CGM receiver outside the room where the Mammogram is done.

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I left my transmitter on for my mammo’s in May and the reshoot of the left side in June. I had to leave my receiver in the locker with my purse so I was out of range for 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of missed data was okay compared to pulling a sensor. :smiley: