Dexcom G4 'Out Of Range'

Over the past 2 days I have had 9 GAPS in readings for durations of 1 to 2.2 hours. This started 3 days into use of a new sensor. At least 1 of these was d/t ???, another might have been d/t walking away from receiver, but the rest have been d/t “Out Of Range”. Curious that 2 of the GAPS were immediately resolved by entering Calibration when checking BG with meter (the last calibration entry did not resolve the problem). Note that 99% of the time my receiver is on my belt or on nightstand, well within the 50’ range I typically see.
To see if it was a Receiver problem I started up my spare receiver which exhibited the same results for same durations.
Important Disclosure - I recently changed batteries in my OLD transmitter when my newer transmitter batteries died. My receivers never show ‘Low Battery’ for my transmitter. However; I suppose it is very possible that when I changed batteries, I did not get a good solid connection to the new batteries.
Dexcom support almost immediately claim that I need a new Transmitter despite my relay that a couple Cals immediately resolved the issue. I do intend to order a new transmitter.
BTW - Support did tell me that the G4 uses Frequencies between 2.42 to 2.48 GHZ which is a band used for numerous devices including but not limited to: WIFI, Microwave Ovens, Bluetooth, Car Alarms, Video Signals, Wireless Mics. Therefore; prior to placing my order, upon next ‘Out Of Range’ incident I will power down all such devices within my residence to confirm it is not radio interference from a noisy device.

I think the most likely issue is a connection to new batteries. I remember reading about similar problems somewhere and they were resolved by reconnecting the batteries. Also, it might be a faulty sensor as well.

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When the official stance (and yes - observed) is that “Out Of Range” means ‘loss of communications’, it’s simple enough to state ‘your devices are too far apart’ or ‘your TX is failing’.
However; at the same time “Out Of Range” could mean ‘BG is outside of set limits’. For unknown reason my BGs had been taking wild swings for a few days and STUDIO shows that majority (not all) of problems have initiated while I was under 60 or over 180 and many after I’d see DOUBLE ARROWS up or down. Thankfully, my body is now returning to normal swings/control.
Process of elimination: Simple enough to run spare receiver at same time. After getting a new transmitter, swapping in new transmitter after seeing problem will provide an inconclusive answer, changing ‘1 use only’ sensors is an expensive ‘stab in the dark’ but I have had LOTS of sensor problems over the years.

I noticed your post from 2017 in G5 battery life discussion. You said you would try to fit 389 size battery into G4 instead of original 391. Have you done that, I wonder?

In a rush and limited transportation, only had Renalta 391 on hand. So replaced the Maxell SR1120W, 1.55v, 55mAh, 11.6 x 2.05 with Renata 391, 1.55v, 50mAh, 11.6 x 2.10. NOTE that the 389 is a thicker battery but with more mAh; therefore a slim transmitter will be slightly thicker - Energizer 389, 1.55v, 85mAh, 11.6 x 2.75
Although I applied a tiny bit of Conductive Grease to the battery contact points and applied constant pressure on the contacts as epoxy dried, I will instead try a tiny bit of Conductive WireGlue on the contact points.

Hmmm. Conductive grease…I wonder if that would be of any help in maintaining an excellent electrical connection between sensors and the xmitter? I don’t have much trouble with that, but on at least one occasion I’ve fixed ??? by removing the xmitter, cleaning off the contact points and reinstalling (that ??? happened more than a couple days following an insertion, and I always clean the contacts with alcohol per instructions)

Found the grease on eBay - forget source. Same stuff is used by HAM operators to protect antenna connections. Wish I’d grabbed some Silver grease ages ago when my company got rid of one system that used it. If anyone does try it just use a tiny speck so you don’t create a short between contact points.
Coincidence?? - 2 days after original post, I shut down my internet Router overnight and restarted next morning. I did have a couple SHORT gaps but only saw the ??? (may have missed the “Out Of Range” message/symbol. Now on sensor day 11 and only seeing the expected ??? as the sensor ages.

I have silver grease for computer chips. Is that what you are talking about?

Probably not coincidence. According to the G4 user guide, wireless routers are among a long list of things that can cause electromagnetic interference with the receiver. I had a similar situation recently, where trying to reconnect my Bluetooth keyboard made my receiver show ??? and then blank out for about an hour.

Thanks for word. Dexcom rep tried telling me that it would have to be strong interference and would be basically ‘all the time’ except when I was away from home. Glad I insisted he provide Dexcom operating frequencies to narrow down potential problem (still a wide range of devices). Prior experience had me questioning if fault was the TX when I was told to activate a spare new TX at least a couple months earlier than required.
Wish that Studio or Clarity would show the error code when Gaps are experienced.
I’ll put my order on hold until really needed.