Dexcom G4 Platinum with a G5 Transmitter?

Hey, so a friend gave me some extra sensors she had but they are of the G4 Platinum kind.
I use G5. Has anyone tried using G4 Platinum sensors with a G5 transmitter successfully? Anything I should be aware of? Thanks! :blush:

I’ve never had an issue. That is a terrific gift!

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They’re the same sensors, they didn’t change them when the G5 came out, they just updated the packaging.


In fact, my packaging actually says G4/G5 Sensor. :slight_smile:

All that changes between the G4 and the G5 is the way it transmits. One is more proprietary, the other is standards-based to allow the G5 to communicate with third-party devices/phones.


You can export all the G4 data as .csv or .xml. Its unrestricted data, but the communication protocols are different. G4 is not a device that communicates with the internet, just a simple embedded device, which some people prefer. G5 is more ‘communicative.’ Has more risk, but also more functionality. Sensors have identical function - they communicate with the receiver. The receiver is a little different in each case.