Dex G4 Receiver Battery

I’m a Canadian, who pays out of pocket for all CGM items. My Receiver is almost 3 yrs. old I am trying to source a new battery for it (Dexcom wants $700.00 CDN for a new one). Has anyone found a replacement for the original Varta series VKB 56479 battery? I can only find the data sheet on it.

I’m confused… the Dexcom G4 receiver I have does not have a replacable battery, and can not be opened. It’s glued shut.

I’m going to cut open the case and replace the rechargeable battery if I can find a compatible battery.

Ooooh, I’m interested if this would work. I would love to continue to use my receiver after the battery dies.

@Jim26, the original poster wants to replace the battery in her receiver, not her transmitter. :slight_smile:

I know.

Thanks Jim
I already know the transmitter protocol. I am searching for the Receiver battery replacement.

I know the original battery from that post. I have been unable to find an original replacement for it. I am hoping someone has used a different but compatible battery to use.

@Darlene7, you can use any single-cell (3.7V) lithium-ion battery that will fit. Have you tried looking on ebay?

I haven’t yet. I was hoping that someone had already found one to fit.

What are the dimensions? I’ll do some googling…

I got the dimensions from the changing the flat batteries of a dead dexcom G4 transmitter post
2.05” x 1.26” x .21” There are 3 wires coming from the narrow side that connect with a 3 pin connector to a computer board
I did find a similar 3.7V battery that might fit but does not have the board connector, it has a slightly higher mAh capacity 1000 vs 970
shipping from China

Is this a lithium-ion battery? Does this battery require an appropriate charger as well as circuitry to monitor for over-charging and protection from any low-voltage? Sometimes the protection circuitry is a small part of the battery assembly itself; you may not be able to assume that all needed safety circuitry is on the main circuit board.

I’ve watched some scary youtube videos of one of these style batteries failing in a guy’s pocket and turning into a flaming metal hot potato.