T: Slim vs. Minimed

Hi T:Slim users, I am actually a minimed and cgm user, but I had been doing some research when I saw the T:Slim had been released on the market. I was curious if any of you users have previously used a minimed pump and if any of you are using the dexcom sensor with your T:Slim? I really relish the fact that my cgm is closed loop with my pump through minimed and I'm not sure how in cumbersome it would be to have to wear two separate devices? I'm sorry for the long post and greatly appreciate any input and thoughts!

The Medtronic CGM was way too inaccurate for me, so I switched to the Dexcom, which is much better. For me. Each person is different.

Anyway, yes, it is more cumbersome to deal with two separate devices. You have to basically do double entry, which in my case means remembering what I just did -- what my BG was, how many carbs I'm eating and how much insulin I'm taking. I guess it's a good mental exercise, even if it's a nuisance, LOL!

Eventually, the t:slim will be integrated with the Dexcom -- Dex is negotiating with basically all the pump companies that aren't Medtronic. But, of course, they can't say when, and I don't know how much of it is negotiations and how much is FDA hold-up. So if you go with a t:slim and want to switch to a Dex, you can, at some point, expect integration. I just don't have a crystal ball that will tell me when.

Ah ok! Thank you for the info, was definitely not something I was aware of and something for me to consider. I appreciate your feedback! Good luck with those mental exercises! :)

I use Tslim and Dexcom G4 and love both. While it would be great to have an all in one, I work in office and am frequently checking my readings...it is nice to have a separate device that allows me to check without having the tubing hanging out...much more discrete.

The accuracy of the Dexcom has been great and has woken me several times in the time with severe lows.

Thanks for your input Mikey! I really appreciate first hand opinions and experiences

I have used both the Dexcom and the MM sensors. I went with the MM because the accuracy issues were smaller than the second device issue. Also the Dexcom is not even slightly water resistant and I get my first one wet and it was not covered for that.

That was it just those 2 things swayed me. Even thought I Know dexcom is easier to install and more accurate. I guess you just need to weigh your needs.

When an integrated pump comes to market in the USA, I will definitely consider switching.

For now I am happy enough with my MM pump and sensors.

Thanks for your feedback! After reading about how close MM is to getting the Enlite sensors with threshold suspend approved with the FDA I've decided to hold out and stick with MM for now. I appreciate your input and will definitely keep it in mind for future decisions.