Dexcom G5 App Issues

HI, Have had the Dexcom for about a month now and the app stops working every time I charge my phone. Also, it sends notifications continuously instead of leaving one or two. (drives me insane). does anyone else have issues?

Canadian, iPhone 7+

My son has an iPhone 7, charges it every night and it works without a problem.

What do you mean by continuous notifications?

Have you tried to delete and reinstall the app? I have no idea if that would work, but this sounds like a very annoying and unusual problem.

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Hey @dishers

I have 7 plus and G5 and no issues.

Did you set up your iPhone from a backup? If you did @Lorraine brings up an excellent point. Delete and reinstall.

Thanks guys, will try reinstalling again

The simple solution to most of IOS and Android problems is to restart device, uninstall and reinstall app and it works flawless

Thanks for the info, I have tried that, hopefully with the update it will work. Better


They still haven’t solved the low sugar alarm though. Almost costed me a deal at work the other day… had to run out and switch off the phone all together.

I am using the iPhone 7 and unable to install the Dexcom G5 app on my iPhone but it shows error while installing the app. i have updated the os version and Change iCloud Password but still not able to install the app. provide the solution.