Dexcom G5 arriving today, xdrip/Dexcom questions


I didn’t see my specific questions answered in one place and I figured someone would know. My G5 arrives today, I plan on using xdrip+ with my phone to extend sensor/transmitter life. I’ve done some reading but still have a few things I’m not sure on.

  1. If I wanted to try the Dexcom app first, I can restart the sensor after 7 days correct?
  2. The transmitter is locked to ~90 days using Dexcom app. What happens exactly, is it sending a code to the transmitter? Or is it just the software on the phone or the official receiver that stops working with the transmitter after a set amount of days? Could someone just start up xdrip+ at any point in time to keep the transmitter going?

What I’m mainly unsure on is if I could try out the ‘official’ experience first then switch over to xdrip+ whenever I want to keep things going.

Thank you for your time


You can start with the Dexcom G5 Mobile App and then switch to xdrip.

The block to stop at 112 days (3 months plus 3 weeks) is not in the transmitter. The “counter” is in the transmitter but the action to “STOP” is in the Dexcom Receiver and the Dexcom Application. (Which clearly xdrip does not have.)


Thank you, just what I wanted to hear.

Yeah, xdrip will keep running afterwards with no issues. And even afterwards if you replace the batteries.
My last G5 lasted 182 ish days before it finally died. I replaced the batteries and I am now on day 215 for my transmitter.

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Did you do it yourself?

Yes, I had two transmitters that were dead. I ended up messing up the first one so it couldn’t easily be used (might need soldering to work now :frowning: )
The second one went fairly easy. I was concerned at first because even though I had good voltage, I had high resistance. After wearing it for a couple weeks it started lowering the resistance. It started over 1000, and is now down to around 800 ish.


Got the G5 up and running on my Google Pixel using xdrip+ yesterday. This thing is much nicer than the Freestyle Libre. So far, much more accurate. Also just found out I’m officially Type 1 after being diagnosed Type 2 three years ago. :hushed:

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Glad you got this up and running.

It took me a year and a half to get diagnosed as a type 1 instead of type 2. It was the best and worst news all at once!

I wasn’t upset to hear the diagnosis. I kinda figured since I’ve been on increasing amounts of insulin the past year. It’s actually a huge relief to know that I couldn’t have prevented this. I beat myself up a lot over the “if only I knew what I know how I could have stopped this” but now that that’s off the table it’s like a huge weight is lifted. And I feel like technology has a better chance of managing Type 1 than Type 2 since you have more certainties regarding your insulin production (or nonproduction).