Changing the batteries on a G5 transmitter

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I know that some people change the batteries in the transmitters, my question is; so I need a specific app to restart it or how does it work?

We have a TON of g5 sensors and do not want them to go to waste, I called Dexcom, and the price for the transmitters is $600.

The info here may be helpful.

I also found this post that shows how xDrip CAN be used to update G5 transmitter days to prevent from hitting the shut down point.

If this still works, you can extend G5 until batteries are really dead, so it just postpones that event.

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Are you needing it to work with Dexcom app or X2 pump?
Or do you only use it with xdrip/spike?
If you need it to reset the dates in the transmitter, that is something only done with Apple based software.

If not, then change the batteries in the transmitter, and keep using Xdrip/spike.
I use xdrip, and with the G5 I would let it run until the battery REALLY died, change the batteries, and keep going.

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Before I found the info posted in my previous reply, I would have said YES, you have to use non-Dexcom app to read sensor value, from transmitter with replaced batteries. It seems replacing battery may or may not reset the day counter stored in transmitter.

The number of days used, stored in transmitter is what makes Dexcom app or Dexcom receiver unable to get readings from sensor.

So… first find a place to replace the battery, I know @beacher has done this. Or if you have someone with tools to do it, check for demos on youtube.

To keep your current sensor going, you can try the method described in my second link in previous post. You would need someone with android phone, they install xDrip, do the reset on your transmitter, which sets counter back to 0 or 1. Then I believe standard dexcom receiver or app will be able to work. But keep track of date, note number days used after that point. Some report they get another 30-60 days, and my be sudden death. But could be monitored if continue to check via xDrip.

With the Dexcom app preferably. Is spike working again?

No idea on the Spike.
I know xdrip says it will reset the transmitter date.
You have to have it in engineering mode to do it.
When I did it, it eventually reset the date, but it never worked with my Tandem X2 pump again.
If it works better now, then I would recommend it. But the last time I tried it was almost a year ago now I think?

It was really easy resetting the transmitter clock with Spike and I could then return to using the Dexcom app. I’m not sure when Spike will be available again. They has a Facebook group where you might find some answers.

If you learn anything on availability I’d love to hear about it!

I don’t have any information about Spike’s status, but this person has another method for resetting the G5 or G6 transmitter clock for iOS users. It looks very cumbersome and you need an Apple computer, but based on the comments it appears to work.

I don’t have need to reset a transmitter at this point because I thankfully did it with Spike before it disappeared. But if it isn’t available when I have to reset again, I’ll give this a shot.

Hi! Do you happen to have any g5 sensor left? I could use a few