Dexcom G5 compatability with i-phone

Does anyone use an i-phone 8 or higher with the dexcom G5? My phone is about to die and I am getting conflicting information. Dexcom says to not update past 11.4 for operating system. New phones have an operating system of 12.1.2. I am NOT a techno person and am confused. I have the i-watch series 3 which makes checking bg trends discreet. Thank you for the help.

I just checked the Dexcom webpage. They have changed this since last time I looked (which was really not very long ago). Now instead of saying which Apple iOS are compatible and listing them out very specifically, Dexcom is saying the MINIMUM version of the iOS.

It sounds like you should not have a problem?

Also - You can certainly call Dexcom Technical Support and ask them BEFORE you get your phone if this would be completely supported by Dexcom and expect to work with no issues.

Thank you for answering me. I have talked to Dexcom two different times and got two different answers.

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We were running iOS 12.0 on an iPhone 7 using the Dexcom G6 Mobile App version 1.2.6.

Just now kicked off the iOS update to go to 12.1.2.

EDIT: That was quick. So far so good. Obviously this is G6 mobile app, not the G5 mobile app.

Do you mean that your app quit working or that you started the IOS update?

Everything is good.

No problems with the app.

After reading your post and checking the Dexcom site, we realized there was no listed issue with upgrading the iOS so we did the upgrade. It also worked with no problem.

Thank you so much for your help.

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