Dexcom compatibility with iOS versions

I love my G6, but wondering if anyone else is frustrated that there is little (if any) info on about what versions are compatible, plus it seems to take them forever to update the code to support the latest version? I keep getting “reminders” to upgrade my phone to iOS 15, and I know I’ll be toast if I do, but worried I might hit “OK” by mistake!!


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I have “automatic updates” turned off on both my phone (iOS) and laptop computer (Mac OS).

I have been running iOS 15.2 and my Dexcom app seems to be working OK. I don’t access Dexcom to look for compatibility issues as I use Loop and compatibility is more complicated and must be managed closely or I could end up losing access to Loop. I have websites I monitor that cover all the compatibility issues that affect me, but I am up to the latest versions of Mac OS (12.1), iOS (15.2), and Watch OS (8.3).

15.2 on an iPhone12 pro. No identifiable issues this far for me with Dexcom G6

Out of curiosity is Dexcom supporting Iphone 13?

I’m glad to hear it’s working well for some of you. This is the official reply I received from Dexcom, which is what’s giving me pause:

Hello Robert,

Thank you for reaching out Dexcom Global Technical Support Web Self Service / Email regarding iOS 15.

iOS 15 is currently not compatible yet, and upgrading your phone might cause the app to not function properly. There cases that the app still works even after the upgrade, but few of the functionalities may not perform well as expected.

A this point, if we will be asked, we wouldn’t recommend upgrading the phone. Tests are currently in progress and newer iOS version will eventually be compatible. You may visit for real time updates.

You may visit the Dexcom Help Center to answer your questions regarding your concern:

If you require immediate assistance, please contact us at 844-607-8398 and provide the case number(s): 211120-000156 or for future reference you can also try other channels by clicking the link below.

Just updated to IOS15. No problem

Running 15.2 on iPhone 7+ with no issues

hi @BobS, and @Terry4 ,

I hadn’t had any problems with my AppleWatch and new SE iPhone when I started in November 2021. My watch constantly displayed my levels when I tapped it, and if ever there were dashes, I could tap it and I’d get an immediate update.

But I just updated my phone (15.4.1) and watch (watchOS 8.5.1) I’m SO sad!! My watch now USUALLY just displays dashes on the face, only gives a reading if I tap the Dexcom app - and even when I tap it it I often have to wait a minute and try again. So frustrated. Yuk, don’t update unless you have to (I did it for the sake of another health app, but with regrets.)

Hoping Dexcom catches up soon! Guess I’ll write them and beg.

Hey, Aiden - I use an iPhone XR with an iOS version 15.4.1 and Watch OS version 8.5.1. My Watch is a Series 4 model. I can see my Dexcom app data on my Watch face when I lift my wrist. I’m not an expert when it comes to managing OS updates with the many apps I have installed.

It appears, however, that my system is working ok. I’m not sure if you can conclude that Dexcom is the root of your problem.

I hope you can resurrect the Watch display for your glucose levels. Please update if you discover a solution.

thanks Terry… that’s great to know that you’ve been fine with the updates. Gives me hope. =)

The only difference is my watch is an AppleWatch SE (something of a mix between the Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6 models, I understand), and while that seems unlikely to be the problem, considering it WAS working just fine before, I notice it is MISSING from the Dexcom list of devices.

Will let you know if something changes with updates from either Dexcom or Apple.

So sorry to hear you’re having those problems Aidan! I don’t have a watch so can’t offer advice there, but 15.4.1 on my old iPhone 8+ seems to be working just fine. I actually deleted the app on my phone and reinstalled it when my sensor expired the other day, so maybe you can try that? Good luck and stay safe and strong!

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Both my phone (iphone 13) and watch (Series 4) are updated to the latest operating systems and I’ve noticed the same change recently – lots of dashes and not showing my dexcom number with a single tap like it used to. For what it’s worth, I don’t find that I have to wait a minute. I just have to toggle in and out of the dexcom screen to get the number. It’s a pain, but it usually beats digging in my pocket for my phone or pump.

My iphone 7 recently died completely (hence the fancy new phone). I’m far from an iOS expert, but I think part of the problem was that it hadn’t updated in several months. I had automatic updates on, but it didn’t do the updates because “an alarm was set.” Don’t know if anyone else gets that, but I suspect it might be that the Dexcom app keeps the phone from restarting automatically overnight because of safety – you could lose a low blood sugar warning in the middle of the night.

I do all the updates manually now, and, because of the sad demise of my iphone 7, I tend to want to keep everything up to date.

Both of my assumptions could be wrong: that the lack of updates was what did in the 7 and that Dexcom is what is stopping the automatic overnight updates. I’d be happy to hear from anyone who knows more.

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I agree, most of the time the “toggle back and forth” does it, but at least 1/3 of the time, I must do it repeatedly to no affect, though eventually it gets there!

All my updates are manual because I like my phone and watch beside me, not charging at night, and like you I don’t want anything off or busy while I’m sleeping for fear I’d miss alerts. (No expert, but really doubt you could hurt your device by missing updates.)

Good luck with new phone… and Dexcom quickly coming out with a fix to the dashes!

good idea, thanks!

I have an iphone pro max 13 and it is not listed as compatible. From the beginning it didn’t show the readings in the notification banner like my iphone 8 did, it just says notification and you have to tap on the ap to see it. I get dropped connections a lot too, and I never had that problem before… The other thing that is more annoying is it doesn’t always alert. It does 90% of the time, but not always. It’s very random, one night when I had put on a new sensor, my graph said I was “low” and very low all night and it never alerted once, not even the urgent low alerts. I wasn’t really low so I was sort of happy about that because otherwise it would have interrupted my sleep for no reason. but other times it’s alerts just fine.

I made the mistake because of all the possible hacking going on to upgrade to the newest IOS 15.4 and 15.4.1 at the same time…yuk. 15.4 supposedly burned through the battery faster and 15.4.1 was supposed to fix that. It might have helped I don’t know as I hadn’t downloaded 15.4 yet either. My battery now only lasts half the time before the upgrade and there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove the updates, if anyone knows let me know. The ways to delete the updates on the internet don’t seem to work on the iphone 13 with the 15.4.1.

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I wrote to Dexcom asking for an update fix ASAP, and they wrote back, below. In my subsequent reply I mentioned I wan’t the only one, so thanks for sharing, Tnyc. =)

" > Hello,

There’s a lot of testing done when it comes to updates and for that reason, we can’t give an exact date.
Only suggestion we can offer at the moment would be to continue checking our compatibility page here
Please note that we have logged in your request and our team will be looking into it as soon as they possible can.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

I honestly think there won’t be an update for the G6 to work right on the newer IOS or newer phones? I think they are pouring everything into the G7 working properly, so why bother with anything G6? It’s been around 6 months since the iphone 13 came out, so it’s well past the time they should have solved the issue. And the update compatibility is usually solved within days or weeks. It’s been a month since the last one and months since the one previous.

They don’t have to worry about compliance with the phone working on reading your sensor because you are supposed to have a reader that will work.

15.4.1 right now on loop with 8.5.1 with no issues whatsoever with loop dev branch and Omnipod DASH. Living dangerously with pre-beta sofware but so far so good!

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