Dexcom G6 and Apple updates

Anyone experiencing Signal loss often through the day with G6 and Apple I phone?

I was told by Dex that they are not up to date with the Apple upgrades since Covid began. The signal loss is very frustrating . Any thoughts until they get on board? I have stopped automatic upgrades so as not to get more behind.

I have not had any is connection issues with my G6 and Iphone 11. The only time I have every had an issue with signal loss was when I first started on the G6 and I would clear the dexcom app. You have to keep it running in the background or it will lose signal.

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I haven’t had any problems with my G6/iPhone.

If I get a signal loss I sometimes turn on/off blue tooth in settings. Also force close the Dexcom App.

If you look at the Dexcom timeline showing readings you can see about when it will get its next reading (every 5 minutes). I will keep the phone and transmitter really close for the next reading.

99% of the time this isn’t an issue and all the things I mentioned might not doing anything :slight_smile:

The only time I have a problem with signal loss is when the sensor is on it’s last legs. It will happen a couple of times and by the next day my sensor will start to be “off” in readings.

But I don’t like the newest upgrade to Apple iphone, it made me upgrade to back up my iphone on itunes and you can’t remove this one. I think this upgrade has created more of a hassle to do things than I can see than any benefits. Besides the fact you have a covid tracker on your iphone whether you like it or not. Supposedly it isn’t doing anything unless you download a covid ap.