Dexcom G5 Review - Now Supports Apple Watch!

I have’t really noticed a huge change in range either. As Anthony mentioned, battery drain seems to be very very small. My iPhone was last charged to 100% 17 1/2 hours ago and the G5 push notifications have used 1% of that and the Dexcom Follow App has used 2%. My battery is currently at 56%.

Here in the UK, Dexcom’s representatives are currently charging £600 (equivalent to around US$1000) for the standalone receiver. I can buy a new iPhone 6s from the Apple store for significantly less than that (and it will do rather more things than the Dexcom receiver).

The exorbitant cost of the receiver is the main reason that most people on this side of the pond use a Vibe (plus the fact that sensors and the transmitter cost around 25% less if you buy them from Animas).


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Tx for letting us know what it is like Anthony. Question, what is the quickest way to see the latest reading? Do you unlock the phone with the Dexcom app already open? Can the latest reading show on the lockscreen? Thanks.

The G5 doesn’t require the receiver. It communicates directly with the iPhone.

Hi Don. There is currently no option for a widget on the lock screen. Quickest way is to unlock iPhone and open app. I have the Apple Watch as well so the quickest and most used way for me is to glance at the watch.

Exactly, but the poster I was responding to seemed to be suggesting (jokingly) that using an iPhone as a receiver was a more expensive option than using the receiver. My point was that Dexcom’s UK price for the receiver was so exorbitant that it would be cheaper to buy a new iPhone.

TBH, I have considered the idea of transitioning to the G5. One downside of relying on my phone alone as a receiver, is that it typically spends several, hours per day on-charge. I also routinely mislay it (leading to the usual “I can’t find my phone” panic on leaving the house in the morning. Using the pump as the receiver means that I can’t lose it.


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Hi Don. The quickest way right now is to have the G5 app already running and just unlock the phone. The new iPhone 6s is really fast at unlocking now.

I am (trying) to use the Follow app on my watch but its buggy with iOS9.

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I’m still impressed by the TUD interview with Jeffrey Brewer of Bigfoot Biomedical and the whole design and business philosophy he mapped out. One of his key points was that their closed-loop pump will be smartphone-based to begin with, given how ubiquitous and omni-purpose those devices are. As I understand it, there won’t BE a “receiver” other than the phone. There were some nervous questions about how that would work but I thought his response was more than adequate.

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got it. I’m loving it because (for good or bad) I always have my iPhone with me. Eliminating the need to carry the receiver has been awesome. Now if Dexcom could allow the G5 to transmit directly to the Apple Watch that would be ultimate set up.


Mike, I agree!! The watch is always on you!!

It will happen… :wink:

Is it correct that without an internet connection I will not be able to see my BG values on the Apple Watch?

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That’s exactly correct. Another reason I do not like the Follow app (for the patient). Great for everyone else.


If you are going to try to compare battery life it might also be helpful to include which flavor of iPhone and version of iOS you are using. In particular, Apple apparently claims that iOS 9 includes tweaks to slightly extend battery life.

I have a 6 plus and my battery life is outstanding.

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I have the iPhone 6s running iOS 9.0.1 and the apple watch running OS 2.0

What exactly is buggy with Follow? Anything specific?

For one, the follow app does not stay open. With the Share watch app I had it set to always show when I raise my wrist. The follow app does not do this consistently. The other issue is that it is often very stale data. I have to sit there for about 10-15 seconds for it to refresh. I know it doesn’t sound long at all but when its a watch, to sit there and try to get a new fresh value is very difficult. Imagine driving and trying to look at your watch for almost 15 seconds? Count it out - its slow. You can’t trust the first value you see because depending on when you last looked at it it can be very off if your numbers are moving quickly. If they are flat then its not so much of an issue. But how do you know?

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Thanks for the review and for posting this! On the whole, would you say so far it seems like an improvement over using the dedicated receiver? I’ve really been looking forward to this coming available. I am currently on Windows Phone (the ugly stepchild of the mobile world?), and am seriously considering getting the iPhone 6s/Plus for Christmas, mainly for the functionality of the G5. Carrying one less device would be awesome to me.

Does this apply just to the Watch, or how it behaves on iPhone as well? I don’t have an Apple Watch but am very much looking forward to having the full functionality on my phone (as opposed to the Share feature which I already use and like).

Mark and DrBB, great questions. The G5 mobile app on the phone is great! They did a great job with it. I probably should have emphasised that more. Not having to wear the receiver is a HUGE improvement IMO. I wear a pump so its one less thing in my pockets. On the iphone you can have the G5 app running so as soon as you unlock your phone the current value is right there. I wish the graphs were pinch and zoom with your fingers but that is not available yet. I strongly recommend the G5 overall.