G5 Mobile Software Update

There is one out. Looks like small improvements, but at least we know they are working on it!!!

i just got done with the download. i like it more now.

Hi, I have read some mixed reviews on the G5, many complaining that the bluetooth signal gets lost often (esp. in big crowds, etc). how are your experiences with the G5. does it work?
and what, except from the shared data and the data on the phone are other advantages compared to the G4? does it work more accurate?
thanks for the insight.

Hey Swiss - I have not had a lot of dropouts with my G5 on my iPhone 6s. This biggest advantage for me, is the fact that I no longer have to carry a receiver around with me. Accuracy seems to be very similar to the G4 (I believe the same algorithm used once G4 was updated so no surprise there).

Did you all have any issues getting insurance to cover the G5?

I did not.

but apart from the fact that you can stream it to your iphone there is nothing different from the G4?

Yes, especially since the G4 receiver (once updated) is compatible with the G5.


thanks @mikep. i am sincerely considering getting a dex myself (the one i use atm is from my doctors office). since i already had that hassle with the 640G Medtronic system, i am kinda hesitant to use anything that isnt working 100% and since i see the 4G is working just fine right now, i am not really sure if i should go for the 5G. since i dont have the pump to carry around anymore, i dont mind having the receiver as an extra device. but apparently you can get the transmitter and if you feel like it stream it to the phone.

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yes, I believe you can use both Dex Receiver and iPhone if you’d like. I personally don’t do this, but I think @Anthony does and maybe he can comment.

LOL I have not used a Dex Receiver since getting the G5. I donated mine to another T1 right away.

swisschocolate, I say go for it. It’s a no-lose situation whether you choose the G4 or the G5. Although I know that you can download G5 onto your Dexcom receiver with little hassle if you already use the G4 system (I am old and need to get my 13-year-old daughter to help me with the TV remote and had to call Dexcom support for their assistance) I’ve heard that once you go G5, you can’t go back to G4 on your receiver. But I could be wrong. Mike, what’s your understanding on this?

I know the G5 with share is awesome, but if the G4 works just as well i am not sure if i am keen to try something new. and i have heard some struggling getting the bluetooth to the phone, i am really not patient right now and dont want just anything where i have to call support or try for things to happen right now.
also, i wouldn’t even know whom to stream my dexcom data to, and the receiver to carry around isnt really a problem for me, as i mentioned above.
so see, after having tried out so much new technology in the past 7 months i would like to have some calmer time ahead now…

I have a G5 system waiting in the box but am using up the remaining charge on my current G4 transmitter. I’ve read over at the Facebook CGM in the Cloud group that many are sticking with the G4 system due to the data dropout fear.

For me, I don’t like losing data. The G4 is a great system and toting a receiver and a cell-phone is no big deal. I may order another G4 transmitter when I’m insurance eligible. That would probably mean moving to the G5 system and having the opportunity to try it out and then moving back to the G4.

@swisschocolate, your desire “calmer time ahead” would make choosing the G4 a rational pick. It’s proven and will come with minimum frustration. Good luck!


Hi @swisschocolate, just to clarify, G4 with share can also stream data to iPhone, cloud, and watches, but in contrast to G5 it does require a receiver. So, the choice between G5 and G4 (with share) depends primarily on how much you care about having to carry the receiver around. In all other respects, G4 (with share) is just as good if not better. Personally, I would probably carry a receiver as a backup anyway, so I do not see any advantages to switching to G5. I will likely stick to G4 (with share) and wait for the next generation Dex system which I hope will offer more substantial improvements.


How much are you all paying for the G4/5 sensors? My insurance will cover 85% so that’ll leave me with 15% as my copay… Is that doable?

Mine are covered 100%, but I would gladly pay the 15% if I had too. CGM is just an absolute necessity for me now.

my pay 99% i just pay copay. & my copay is 15% to. to me it is doable.

Thanks so much for the heads up! I don’t often check my app update list but indeed it was there and I got the update. I have only been using the Dexcom system for about a month and a half and it has completely changed the way I view and treat my T1 (LADA) for the better. I paired it with the Pebble Watch over Xmas and that was the cherry on top…love just tilting my wrist to get an easy peak at where things are and which direction they are headed!



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The phone interface is a lot better. One of my favorite things is that if you turn the phone horizontal (landscape orientation), the graph spreads out and when you drag your finger along the graph it gives you the reading for each individual datapoint.

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I’m excited to hear this! I was hoping for this improvement.