Dexcom G5 sensors not lasting as long

I am still using the Dexcom G5, and over the last few months it seems like the sensors are not lasting as long. I usually use a sensor for two weeks before inserting a new one, and in the past the sensors would return accurate readings for the full two week period. However, it seems like lately the sensors are starting to go bad around day 9 or 10.

Is anyone else having this same issue or noticing the same problem? I’m just curious.


I have noticed the same starting in early 2019. If I remember correctly on the earnings calls they are implementing new oxidase on the sensors (G6 for sure, and most likely G5 too) because they changed vendors before the G6 was released and had heinous problems.

I too have noticed the same thing. They must have messed with it.

what are the expiration dates of some of the G5 sensors you both are having trouble with?

The box that mine came in is marled 6/28/20

Mine are marked April 2020.

It’s annoying that they would make a change that makes the sensor last a shorter time. But then again, that means we’ll all need to buy more sensors more often, right?

I have not yet used a sensor that expires in 2020, but the very next one I’ll be using expires in 02/20. I’ll see how it goes.

I used to get at least 3 weeks out of a sensor, now I’m lucky to get 2 weeks.