Sensors past their use-by date

There are some old threads on this but technology has changed, so I’m looking for fresh input. Short version is that I just came across some Dexcom G5 sensors that are over a year old–I had been off G5 for a bit while trying the 670G, and I still had a couple of unused G5 sensors when I made the switch. Just came across them in my Diabetic Zombie Apocalypse emergency stash. Does anyone have any hard info or experience with sensor use-by dating? Do these things really erode over time if still in their original packaging and stored in a drawer? I’m not desperately in need of sensors right now but I hate to throw them out if there’s no need.

We have used expired sensors, not a year after expiration but about six months, no issues. The ones we are using now expired in April and are working fine.

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I have also used a few that were past date but not a year. Guess only way to find out is try it. I do have one that is coming up on 6 months and I saved it for when people ask about my Dexcom and I let them try an insertion with an expired one to see if they can do it and it might work for hem before they invest in the system. Would love to hear if it works well last it’s expiration!

Most of the sensors I’m using right now are expired. I notice they seem to last a little less time than usual (I was getting a month out of each sensor, now it’s more like two to three weeks), but that could also be because I stopped eating a low-carb diet.

Since G4 uses same sensors, I have used G4/G5 sensors that were 6-12 months past expiration and continued to get 2-3 weeks per sensor, with G4 transmitter.

Oops, yeah, I should have noted that I’m using the G4 as well. But they’re the same sensors. I just haven’t upgraded to the G5 yet.