Expiration Date for Dexcom G4-G5 Sensors

Okay for you long time wearers of the Dexcom Sensors, meaning two weeks or more have you ever run into bad sensors because of expiration date. If so, what errors or problems have you seen from the expired sensor. The reason I ask is because I inserted one yesterday that had an expiration date of about a year and on the second day I started seeing ??? all day long, so I finally gave up and changed it.

My current sensor and past sensor both expired in Sept this year. On day 8 for current one, and had a record high 24 days for previous one.

What temperature and humidity were your sensors stored at during the past year ?
They are much older than mine.

Yes- due to wearing them for Like 30 days I ended up with some expired sensors.
When I used the expired sensors they tended to crash and burn rapidly. Dexcom told me the proteins in the sensor only last a limited time so it’s not like a lot of other drugs that last for 20 years even though they have an expiration date. Anyway now I just change them every week because I have problems with itching and irritation and I have so many that are going to expire if I don’t do that for a while. Part of the problem is my supplier sends me sensors that already six months into the year duration. I think two weeks is the most I would use one now. Sometimes my unexpired sensors go crazy too though and I will wait a day or two- they usually fix themselves within the timeframe or sooner. Usually it’s an on off problem so I’m not completely without data. With the expired ones they just stopped completely and would have needed restarted.

The errors that I saw were they would just shut down maybe 1 to 2 hours after I started them. So I’m assuming it was due to being expired although now I wonder that someone else said they’re using expired sensors which are OK? Maybe it was just those sensors? I still have some that are expired and I wasn’t sure what to do with them so maybe I should try them? The problem is I don’t want to insert it then it crashes etc. and I have to jab myself again and start another one for the two hour wait.

I’ve had a mix of “crash and burn quickly” and work well for three full weeks from expired sensors – even from the SAME box of sensors! I’ve used sensors are much as a year or more after the expiration with no problem and others fthat are "just over that fail immediately, Not easy to know what will happen .

Based upon what I’ve read of others’ experiences, I think Caleb’s experience is less common. I’ve noticed sketchy results from older sensors - failures sooner. I’ve grown reluctant to use older sensors, and I’m never in a rush to reorder. He’s been using Dexcom for eight years, so my reluctance is based upon our experience with older sensors/systems and may be outdated.