Dexcom G5 transmitter

Has anyone used a transmitter that is new, but the box says it is expired?

My guess would be it may work, but not likely to last full 90 days. Did you receive from dexcom or supplier in this state? If so, dexcom should replace under warranty if purchase was within 90 days, and it dies before 90 days.

A G4 works differently. It is shipped in a way that is not draining battery until it is removed from box. But a G5 transmitter would start slow draining in box, before start, from time it was made.

thank you for your reply

I probably did a dumb thing and ordered from a warehouse. Mine is about to die and the insurance company is in stall mode. I have contacted the warehouse. Who knows, maybe the insurance company, Dexcom, the doctor, and Edgepark can all get it together.

If you are handy, it isn’t TOO hard to replace the batteries. Sand off the top, pop the batteries out, check to make sure the new batteries have a good connection and reseal with epoxy.
I have had to do this a FEW times now because VA hasn’t sent me new transmitters.


Just a comment on my experience, my G5 transmitters out of the box were just like my G4 in that the countdown didn’t start until I took it out of the box. I received 2 transmitters to each last 3 mos and I took one out and used it as the 2nd one waited the full three months that I was using the first one. So the second one , once I removed it from the box would last the intended full 3 mos!! That’s my understanding of all of the G5 transmitters!’

The G5 transmitter days count is started when you activate it with first sensor, from receiver. The receiver tracks this count of days used, when you enter new transmitter ID.

You get 90 days warranty, plus some additional days and then Receiver says it’s done. (I think max at 112 days). The actual battery strength is not considered. In some cases the battery may cause the end of use, and if used < 90 days, dexcom would replace it under warranty.

Some people use a non-dexcom app called xDrip and can continue to read from G5 transmitter after dexcom receiver says the time is up.

The G4 transmitter has a 6 month warranty from dexcom. So if your G4 transmitter battery dies before 6 months since purchase, dexcom will replace it. The battery on G4 transmitter is different than G5. When shipped, the G4 box keeps the battery dormant. Once removed from box, battery starts, regardless if being used or not. I typically get about 1 year use for each G4 transmitter. The G4 receiver does not force a stop, but does show a status of battery ok or low.

When you get 2 G5 transmitters, they each would last about 6-9 months (battery life), if the receiver didn’t have a hard countdown of days used.

Search this site for XDrip if you want to learn more on extending length of time for G5 transmitter.

I have not used G5 or XDrip, but this is my understanding.



Nice write-up.

Only comment I would have is the counter is in the G5 transmitter, not the receiver. Minor point. But meaning it is irrelevant if you use the receiver or the phone app or a pump - the counter is the same across all as it is inside the G5 transmitter.


I just went and looked at my old and new transmitter boxes. I had thought the metal strip that is present in the G4 box was not present in the G5 box, but they appear to be the same.

I have read what you just said in your post though, that the G4 does not begin until it comes out of the box (and I was cautioned to not take it out until I was ready to use it) and the G5 starts when it is activated by the first sensor.

Good to know :slight_smile: thank you!

how do you know when transmitter is dying. Mine is out of warranty

If you run xdrip, you can see the battery voltage and resistance. If using the dexcom, you will only see if the batteries are LOW, or out of date.

Thank you to all of you. I did talk to the owner of the warehouse and he assured me that I would get 90 days out of the transmitter. If not, I should let him know. Shipment was quick and without the hassle of insurance. My transmitter has not died yet, so we will see when this new one from the warehouse starts. I so appreciate all of you who answered. I am going to look into the xdrip and the battery change. It wouldn’t hurt to try, that is for sure.

I have used 3 or 4 G5 transmitters that were up to 6 months past their expiration date (as well as innumerable sensors). For the most part the transmitters lasted as long as unexpired transmitters (I get as close to 112 days as I can). I had one that kicked the bucket within it’s first few weeks and fortunately Dexcom replaced it despite it being expired. My recollection is that faulty one was only about a month past its expiration date when I installed it.

Thank you for your reply. I’m anxious to see how it goes later this month when the transmitter dies and I replace it.

Has anyone else using the G5 experienced Signal Loss every time you get into your car and your iphone pairs up with the car?

If my phone is paired to car bluetooth, the G5 won’t re-pair with my phone, and I’m essentially without data as long as I’m driving.

I realize I could un-pair the phone from the car, but Dexcom should allow other devices to pair using BT without compromising G5 signal.

Don’t have that issue here, but I’m using a Samsung S7. Hope u find a fix. My bad–I don’t use the Dexcom app on my phone; I only use xDrip. I tried the Dexcom app and after less than 5-8 hours, I removed it. It lacked the features of xDrip so I switched back to xDrip. I could be wrong, but I don’t think xDrip works with Apple phones.

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Interesting. We are on the G6 with iPhone and so can check on this as it relates to the G6 (which obviously could be different from the G5).

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I have experienced increased frequency of random signal loss on iPhone and G5 receiver when my G5 transmitter battery is close to expiration, 90-112 day time frame. However, this does not seem to be tied to BT interference, including in my cars with iPhone connected.

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John - the G5 transmitter has been like this in car since day 1

It’s just quirky. I don’t expect Dexcom to expend much energy sleuthing this