Dexcom G6 and iPhone apps

I just started using the Dexcom G6 with my tslimx2 yesterday. I am already loving both the pump and the cgm (my first experience with cgm therapy). I am wondering if there are other apps that can work on my iPhone besides the Dexcom app. I would like to be able to store notes with my data and edit my events. I am thinking of getting an apple watch soon. Looking for any feedback on software and/or the apple watch.
Thanks, Lisa

Have you thought of going to the sources: calling Dexcom to see if they know of other Apps compatible with the G6 and calling Apple to have them answer your questions regarding the iPhone and the Apple Watch. I would be interested to learn what you discover.

I recall reading about other apps but I do not recall if they were Android or Apple. Dexcom had opened up an API to allow developers access to the Dexcom cgm data. Obviously, you would have to provide access before anybody has access to your individual data. The data via the API is a minimum of three hours old so it would not be realtime - that (so far) has to be via the Dexcom App. But the other apps might be able to do things as you mention?

Take a look here and see if any of these are what you might be looking for. (And I have no idea if they are Android, Apple or other.)

I just found an app that I am trying out. It is called Sugarmate. I can use it with my iphone, mac, and apple watch (when I get one). It looks good and is easy to use. It is sharing information from the dexcom app. in a more accessible, nice looking format.

Did you have another pump prior to this one? I have used a Dexcom and Medtronic pump for over 8 years now. I am thinking about switching to the Tslim once they have a more closed loop system like the artificial pancreas.


I have had 4 medtronic pumps, last one for 7 years…a paradigm. I am so in love with the t-slim and haven’t looked back. It does have the automatic suspend if you trend too low. I am not having readings below 70. If I eat when it suspends, like in the past, I rise too much. It’s best if I let the pump alone treat my lows. Which is crazy. It still gives me total control otherwise and lets me run between 80-120 most of the time. The highest I’ve gone in the 9 days of using the cgm is 180, once, so of course, I still have to count carbs and bolus well…which we know is not always possible. They are in trials now for the high end dosing.

From what I know about the medtronic pump, it doesn’t let you run that low in auto mode. Maybe that isn’t the case. I just know that the touch screen, the size, the ease of using is amazing. This year there will be another free update that will let the pump interface with a smart phone, which I look forward to.

We found that if it does go low, a reduced number of carbs works quite well.
2 tabs so far seems to do the trick although I am sure that is totally different for each person. But this is probably about half the carbs of what we would have previously used [ie - before Basal-IQ] when going lower than 50.

Yes, that is what I am doing—1-2 tabs, especially when exercising. And I love not having to do finger sticks!!! Only done 4 in the first week. I just started day 9 on my G6 sensor and it lost connection this morning for about 30 minutes, so I did a finger stick. My fingers are happy.

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