Medtronic and Apple Health/Watch vs Dexcom

I’ve been using the Dexcom G6 since it became available and especially enjoy how its CGM data populates Apple Health and how I can view it on my Apple Watch.

I’m curious: does Medtronic provide similar integration for its CGM or insulin pumps?

I looked on the App Store and performed some Google searches and couldn’t find any mention of Apple Watch or Apple Health support – can the Medtronic users enlighten the rest of us?

This article says they are working on it for pump, available now for stand alone Guardian Connect. But article is from 2018, not sure what current status is.

“Another new feature with Guardian Connect are alerts for predicted high and low blood sugars 10-60 minutes in advance. These alerts pop up on the user’s smartphone (or Apple Watch) as notifications, just like text messages.”

The Sugar.iQ app is out there (, but there is no Apple Watch component to install. Only iOS devices are listed here: The Sugar.IQ app was updated 2 months ago (July 2019) and has only 39 ratings, so doesn’t appear to have made much of an impression on users?

Note the announcement also contains a list of “areas for improvement (relative to other CGMs)” such as

  1. “No Apple Watch app to view real-time data (only notifications appear on the Watch)” and
  2. “Does not post data to Apple Health”