Dexcom G6 app alarms not always alarming

I set a dexcom alarm to alert me at night between 11pm and 7am if it reaches 7mmol (125mg). Yesterday I was at 16mmol (300mg) when it sounded and it was one hour late (sounded just after midnight).

I’ve experienced a number of these delayed alarms or no alarms frequently. I’m not sure what’s causing them and I have the latest version on the app installed.

Are you sure you just don’t hear them? Because this happens to me all the time. Everyone else notices it except me.
If it is really not alarming. You might try to delete the ap and reinstall it

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Are you receiving your alarms on a Dexcom receiver or a third-party device like a phone or a pump. My guess is that you are getting them on a third-party device and the issue is with settings or hardware issues on that device, not Dexcom.

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I have notice a definite delay in alarms between the receiver and iPhone app. The receiver will alert first.


It could also be that your phone is hibernating when you’re asleep and turning off things ruining in the background.

Sorry, I don’t know how to fix that on Apple devices, but it’s fairly easy on Android ones. You have to adjust the battery optimization in the apps setting menu to “don’t optimize”. And then in the advanced options of the system battery settings, turn off “sleep standby optimization”.

Also, if your battery is low, your phone might be programmed to go into a self-preservation mode and turn off anything it can, so keep it charged up.

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Yeah pretty sure, sometimes at 11pm I’m still awake and my sugar is above the set amount and I don’t hear the alarm go off. My phone is always on silent I should add but that’s not the reason it’s not sounding because I did eventually hear it alarm.

One thing I haven’t worked out because it’s been inconsistent, the the alarm progressively get louder? Sometimes the first alarm goes off in full volume ( it’s piercing!!!). And sometimes I notice it just vibrates the first time, if you don’t acknowledge it it just gets a bit louder the next notification. And sometimes it just doesn’t even alarm.

I’ve already tried a reinstall.

It’s on my iphonex first gen

But this doesn’t explain why it eventually alarms. If it was off, it wouldn’t have alarmed at all isn’t it?

Depends on your device, your settings, the app you’re using, and how things are programmed. Hibernating doesn’t mean dead. They wake up occasionally.

I had a similar problem when I switched phones last time, twice why I know about those settings. My CGM/phone worked great during the day and tanked at night. I would go hours without any communication to my phone at all (though my pump still got the data), Ave it would reconnect randomly for no explicable reason.
Those things helped me, I have no way of knowing if it’s what will help you.

Sounds like a phone issue, but I went straight from the first smartphones that were windows based, before iPhone had even launched, to android so have no iPhone experience but I am sure others on the forum will chime in with settings suggestions to help your situation.

This happens to me too. I use Dexcom G6 and an iPhone. I´ve tried to sort it out with Dexcom, but they couldn´t figure it out and just said I could try with a different iPhone. No help to me as this is the only phone I´ve got.

My issue is mostly delay, but sometimes there is no alarms at all.

My best guess is that @Robyn_H is onto something.

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On top of that when it does alarm in the middle of the night my iphone face recognition doesn’t recognise my sleepy face!!! I have to always revert back to the manual passcode entRy

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