Dexcom G6 battery life

Well, my last G6 transmitter lasted 182 days!
I did the hard reset transmitter three times though xdrip to keep it working with my Tandem X2 pump.
The VA NEVER gave me a refill on my G5 transmitters. I always replaced the batteries, over and over again, to keep it running.
Looks like this will be a repeat with the VA on the G6 as well.
So it looks like I will try and replace the batteries in my G6 transmitters and keep on keeping on.

What the heck is with the VA and your Dexcom stuff? Is it all supposed to be covered?

That is absolutely insane! The device is completely useless without the transmitter. Unless you’re skilled enough at (or even know about) changing the battery, your G5 would be useless a few months after you bought it unless you paid out of pocket for the transmitters. I think they’re pretty expensive.

Not sure, but I know it’s all a PAIN!
The sensors are normal prescription items, and I never have problems with them.
But the transmitters are covered as durable medical equipment, so they get processed through Prosthetics of all things.

I used to change the batteries on the G5 all the time. That was the only way I could keep them running.
I failed at changing the battery last night on my G6. I hope to get it working this weekend.