Holy Cr*p! Dexcom G5 and G6 xmitters on backorder

The word is it will be another 2 weeks before any xmitters are available!!!

EDIT: Now I’m told that it is a 2 week delay for G6 and only a 5 day (from date of booking of an order) delay on G5.

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WHAT??? That is not good, no bueno! Hopefully they are not heading the same path as Medtronic and Abbott when they launched the Libre in Europe.

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Great, I have been having a heck of a time getting new G5 transmitters. Mine have been dead for a while (replaced batteries and using Xdrip for the last couple months.)
I imagine the VA will be the LAST ones to get the new shipments in as well, so I suspect that it will take even longer before I ever get more transmitters!
Good thing I know how to change my own batteries!
But I loose the integration with my X2 pump. Which is no big deal right now, but I will miss out on the upcoming upgrades!

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I just called Dexcom again, just now and in their tradition of “the right hand doesn’t know…” the new word from them is there is a 5 day delay on G5 and 2 weeks on G6.

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Why can’t they put out a rechargeable transmitter?

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they can’t sell as many xmitters if they do that. basic marketing.


I read that the G6 transmitter only has a 3mo warranty… are they going to ship a new transmitter with every 90 day order of sensors?? Although my current G4 transmitter is going on 11 months now… never had one last this long…

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dunno, but the G5 sensors last roughly 105 days to it’s last official restart. So we get a new xmitter every 3rd monthly order. We run them til they won’t run any longer, so we keep ahead on supplies.

Probably you know this, but for the general benefit, the xDrip app lets you extend the life of your transmitter considerably–weeks or even months. Dunno from G6, but the G5 transmitter is far from dead when it officially shuts down.

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It was hell getting new transmitters when my last one died, and the 2 I’d ordered were stolen off my porch.

In the meantime, I have so many sensors they’re falling out of the closet. They don’t buy those back, right?

Good info and may explain why I haven’t seen a shipping notification on the G6 after processing my order on Monday.

Dave 44 I do not think it is good marketing. Just think they could make a rechargeable one that lasts a year or two and save the cost of producing all those 3 month ones. Here in the UK they charge £1916 or thereabouts for a years supply of sensors and transmitters (down from over £3000 for the G5).

This seems a good price, the £1916 I mean, that they could charge that for the sensors alone without the transmitters so saving themselves a ton of production costs.

Then when Abbott produce their transmitter undercutting Dexcom they can respond by dropping their price. In fact that might just stop Abbott going ahead with theirs.

Dexcom lost 64 milliond dollars last year while spending 100 million on R & D - they need all the profit they can find.

This guy has pulished a guide to extending G6 sensors. http://seemycgm.com/2018/06/11/restarting-g6-sensors-and-transmitter/

Do not know if it works as I use Libre/MiaoMiao/xdrip+/Nightscout.

See my website bgonmywatch.com for how to get CGM and costs in UK


that is the goto link on the G6 Facebook group, also.

I just received notification that Caleb’s G6 system and sensors will be here in three days. Am I being punched? lol

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LOL! Don’t look at the FB group or you’ll expect that 90% of the G6 sensors either fall off or are wildly inaccurate. And I’ve not seen a group of people for which their LAST choice is to call Dexcom if there is a problem. THey don’t read the manual, they don’t watch Youtube videos–instead, they go to FB and ask the most basic questions, over and over and over again.

Which group?

Dexcom G6

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My G6 sensors/transmitter are supposed to arrive tomorrow based on my Fedex tracking number. Perhaps the backorder is regional.

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It was 2 weeks ago that I mentioned a 2 week back order, so not sure why today you are presuming it’s a “regional” thing. The two weeks has expired. :slight_smile: