Dexcom G6 pain

I’ve just started using a CGM for the first time ever (35 years T1). I’m not having much luck with site placement. I had to remove one on my upper stomach after 24 hours cause it felt like my stomach muscles were very cramped and wouldn’t relax. Just had to remove a second one on the back of my upper arm after 5 days cause the site kept bleeding and I was experiencing sharp pains. Is the pain just something I have to get used to or am I doing something wrong?

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The pain is not normal for most. Best to insert dexcom in fattier areas, so if you are very lean, it may be the cause.

Assume you are using G6. When you insert, pinching up your skin may help. When I do arms, I lean against a doorway.
I use arms and inner thighs, not stomach since my pump infusion sets go there.

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Hi Sarah:

Welcome to our community. Sharp pains are not a normal occurrence from using the Dexcom G6. I am a pain baby and would be the first to complain if it was and have been using the G6 and previous versions for a few years. Rather than your upper stomach, you may want to try an area with a little more fat available. I find the sweet spot tends to be either to the right or the left of a centerline between my belly button and my xyphoid process, and for height position, mid-way along that line vertically. That way the sensor is unencumbered while sitting down or moving around, which in some cases can cause some discomfort. I hope that helps as a starter. I am sure you will get additional recommendations and options shortly as there are so many Dexcom G6 users on this board. Actually, if you think about it, Dexcom has almost 1 million users of their product so if there were a problem with pain, they would get serious blowback.

This describes me to a “t”! Definitely not normal.

Are you seeing any signs of allergic reaction (usually to the adhesive), or does it all seem to be related to the filament under your skin?

The sensor definitely likes a light touch during placement. Make sure you’re not pressing it into your flesh when you push the orange button. Some people have said they have the best luck when pulling the inserter back sightly when pushing the button.

It’s also possible you just got a sucky batch of sensors. They’re really good at replacing them, though. Don’t give up!

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I agree that “fleshy” parts are the best. While I don’t know the technical term, about half way between my belly button and love handles works well. And on the back of my arm, rotated slightly to the inside seems best in terms of comfort and resistance to scraping off a sensor.

When I have had intermittent, sharp pain, I’m reasonably certain that the sensor was in muscle. In my case that was when I tried to use my upper leg.

Best of luck … I hope you get this sorted out.


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Hi, @SarahMe I too am fairly new to Dexcom G6. I am on my 5 sensor. I had one fail due to excessive bleeding which might have been shorting out the transmitter contacts. Dexcom sent me a replacement promptly. I agree with those who say don’t press hard on the applicator when pressing the insert button. That may cause the probe to go too deep. It’s suppose to be in the interstitial layer.

I always clean the site with rubbing alcohol, let dry, place the applicator and with the lightest touch push the button. Then I run my finger around the patch several times. So far so good.

I was a little concerned about reactions to the adhesive which some people have reported. I would insist on paper tape and not plastic during blood draws because of skin reactions. That’s not a problem any more since they have discovered Vet Wrap. Oh they don’t call it that but cohesive tape. A great cross over from animal care to people care.

Good luck with your CGM journey.