Restarting a g6 reciever

Looking for a recent post on restarting a G6 with out removing the Tx

Assume you mean restarting a sensor.

Here is recent discussion on several options on sensor restart / reuse.

I think my discussion was about restarting a transmitter, as the title says, although the sensor restart may have been discussed as well. I have forgotten now.

Someone here does that- I believe Tim said he puts a test strip underneath the transmitter instead of removing it.

I was not able to do it without removing the transmitter, the strip was too weak and It didn’t work for me.

I even have trouble removing the transmitter to do it anyway. I am using a metal hair clip to do it now. This time it is on my arm so I have no clue how I’m gonna be able to remove it it’s much easier to do if it’s on your leg or your stomach.

Yes, there was some overlap.

Tim’s post is better for answering sensor restart option.

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The method where I switched transmitter codes will work but not if the sensor has low output it won’t work.

The best way is to put a test strip under the transmitter from the narrow side to block the contacts for 10 min. It works the same as removing the transmitter.

I covered both ways on this post.