New issues with Dexcom G6 restart

Hi, has anyone else had issues with restarts lately?
I have been restarting my sensors for a long time without issue, I usually wear a sensor for a month or more. My last two restarts failed, and I received the “No restarts” message. The first time I attributed it to a mistake in technique, but the second time I’m certain I did everything as usual. I use the restart with no code, cancel 15 minutes into the warmup, and then restart with code method.

The latest transmitters, ser. #8H**** don’t restart the same way. Short version is to stop the session, remove the transmitter while leaving the sensor in place, keep it out for 15 min., then click it back in and proceed as if it were a new sensor. If you site-search on G6 restart you’ll find plenty of explanations on the details of how to free the transmitter etc.

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If you have the new sensors - 8G, 8H, etc., that method doesn’t work anymore. Instead, you have to stop the sensor, remove the transmitter, wait 30 minutes, put the transmitter back in, and then enter the code. There are a few threads on this in the last month, and I believe Dave44 posted some close pics that help with the transmitter removal. I did two re-starts on my first sensor with no problems.

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Thanks for the info! Where do I find the number to see if my sensors are the new ones?

On the iPhone app it’s under the Settings link at the bottom left of the home screen.

Oh I see, it’s the transmitter #. I do have the new ones. Bastards. I found the removal tips you suggested. Thanks!