Dexcom G6 sensor performance very erratic?

First off, since I’m the guy who started this thread, I just want to say thanks to all of you who I provoked to chime in. I’ve always said that given the choice, I’d rather be provocative than right! Any dialogue is helpful and if any of you have found this thread helpful, I’m glad. Keep it comin’ folks.

Now for my next reply. I’ve seen some comments from folks who have trouble bleeding around sensors, etc. I don’t, usually, but I did once. About one time in ten when I insert the infusion set I’ll hit a capillary. You can feel it, and I’m sure you all know. It hurts just a tiny bit more than if you miss it. I’ve never had a problem if that’s all I hit.

But one time (and you never know this till you take it out a few days later!) I had hit an artery. What a mess! :scream::scream::scream: Blood squirting onto the bathroom mirror the instant I took the cannula out of me! Splat, splat, splat! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I yelled to my wife to bring me an ice pack! :laughing: It took nearly 15 minutes to stop the bleeding! Cripes!

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I was never able to get dexcom or Medtronic sensors to work on my abdomen. My abdomen moves too much. Sitting up or stretching was what I think was the issue.
Marilyn you can still use the backs of your arms if you are a side sleeper. That’s where I put mine. The sensor doesn’t touch the mattress but it would if I slept on my back.

Maybe the g7 will work better for you

I will have to give it a try.

Have you considered putting the Dexcom on the front of your thigh? I’ve seen some people do that and for them it is their preferred site for accuracy and comfort.

I personally don’t have many issues with accuracy or erratic readings but I might just be the type of person the Dexcom was designed for.

I tried my thigh and it hurt like hell. I had to take it off.


The Dexcon didn’t work well on the front of my thigh. My thighs were the best site for Medtronics sensor, but Medtronics Guardian sensors didn’t give actionable results.

I don’t think that I get as good of performance off G6 as I did with G4. Try manual calibration mode. I think that helps ward off some of the really outlandish readings (differences of 50%).

I have great results using inner thigh. If I place hand on thigh/lap, where my thumb lands is approximately where I insert my G6. I rotate between legs and occasionally back of each arm, with 10-17 days per sensor.

Staying hydrated is also a factor for good cgm readings.