DEXCOM G6 Sensor Issues

I’ve been a Type1 diabetic for 55 years first diagnosed when I was 6. I am in great health with no complications (knock on wood). I just started using the Dexcom G6 product when in came out in June. I as thrilled at no more finger pricks and the accuracy was spot on. My first sensor worked great for 10 days. Then I started to have issues. Out of 10 sensors 2 were successful and the other8 were rejected during the 2 hour warm up. I called Dexcom multiple times and they were extremely helpful and always replaced the failed sensor. We couldn’t figure out why they failed. It appears with the new insertion kit this caused me to bleed and the blood would contaminate the sensor. I never had the bleeding issues with the G5. I tried multiple sites on my body and sometimes a spec of blood word trigger a failed sensor. I don’t want to go back to the G5 cause I do love the G6 but I don’t think I have any other option. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. Thanks in advance

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You will see many complaints on the Facebook Groups (Dexcom-related groups) about the G6. Sensors failing, sensors falling off, not accurate. I’m really dismayed by the number of complaints. You don’t see this amount of reported problems with the G5. My own experience over the last 11 months has been great, as has my wife’s. I’d be apprehensive to switch to the G6 if I was forced to.

If it aint broke, Why do they try and fix it??!!??!!??

I’m bummed yet grateful for your post SilverlakeSteve. Was preparing to order G6 today & change from G5. The differences between the two sounded great “on paper”. Like you, I’m 50+ yrs of Type1. I don’t mind the finger pricks but the improved accuracy, longer sensor life, and lower profile all had me very excited. The issues you’ve described aren’t worth it. I’m going to delay the change-over as I have enough G5 supplies for another 6-8 weeks. Hope there’s some good news from Dexcom on this soon. Thanks for sharing your experience w/us.

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If the signal strength is better than the G5 I might still switch lol.

Not really, since I doubt the signal is better (and I haven’t heard any comparisons as far as signal strength goes) and the constant replacement of sensors would just drive me nuts.