Dexcom G6 transmitter not pairing with mobile app

I am on an Android phone and suddenly the Dexcom G6 mobile app cannot connect to my transmitter anymore. My TSlim pump is connected and working fine using the same transmitter ID and sensor code, but this is the third time I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the mobile app and I still get the spinning wheel with a no connection timeout and error message “Transmitter Not Found.” – Please respond if you are experiencing this or have experienced this & let me know your findings. THANK YOU!

Ok. Here is the response from Dexcom tech support: “The transmitter is sending 2 unique signals. One for a smartphone and one for a receiver/pump. The one for the smartphone could have stopped working.” – they are sending me a new transmitter.


Do you still have your receiver laying around somewhere? I looked for mine the other day and couldn’t find it anywhere

Yeah, it’s sitting in the bottom of a box somewhere, but I don’t really need it since my TSlim pump is receiving the info from the transmitter just fine. Apparently, it’s transmitter bluetooth signal to my phone that went out. The other Bluetooth signal to my TSlim pump is working no problem.

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If you just changed your transmitter. And didn’t change it in your phone, then that’s the reason.

If you haven’t changed anything, then try turning off Bluetooth on your phone and back on again. It might start working again

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It is a good idea , that when you are changing out a Dexcom transmitter after its 30 day life. To got to to your Bluetooth setting and delete that Tx prior to pairing the new one. I run across this a couple of times where pairing won’t except the new one.