Pairing Dexcom iPhone app to new Dexcom xmtr

I may have asked this before but I forgot.

I recently started a new Dexcom transmitter along with a new G6 sensor, and they both started up properly and paired properly with my tandem pump. But as always, I forgot to also pair the new xmtr to my iPhone Dexcom app so I don’t get any BG data displayed on my iPhone. I do use that data display often enough that I want to know if there is a way I can pair the new xmtr to the iPhone ow WITHOUT having to stop the current sensor session midstream. When I click the app it seems to say the only way I can pair the xmtr is when I’m starting a new sensor.

If necessary, can I just try to remember to pair the existing xmtr to my iPhone along with starting a new G6 sensor in a week or so? Or would pairing any xmtr to the iPhone app ONLY work the same time I key in a new xmtr code to the pump at the same time? That won’t happen for almost three more months.

Yes you can. If the start new sensor is up on your dexcom ap. You can start it with no code. It will then pull from the current session that your tandem is running
I normally do everything from my pump. And the phone just follows along.
Except with a new transmitter. I need to pair new transmitters on both pump and phone then I start session on pump as usual.

I use android, which can pair just from Bluetooth menu. Did you check phone BT and pair it? Phone app should then recognize active transmitter/sensor. At least that is how android works.

If I understand you correctly, your G6 app on your phone does not have the current transmitter entered. If that is the case, you can enter the transmitter on your phone and once it is paired, it should join the current sensor session in about 10-30 minutes. If it doesn’t you can Start Sensor on the phone and specify No Code because it will pick it up from the current sensor session on your phone.

In order to enter a new transmitter on your phone, you can’t have an active sensor session on the phone. If there is an active sensor session (although it is not giving numbers because it doesn’t communicate with your current transmitter), you have to Stop Sensor in order to enter the new transmitter number. But Stop Sensor won’t affect your pump sensor session because your phone currently has the wrong transmitter. So yes, it is okay to Stop Sensor on your phone.

Before you enter the new transmitter number on your phone, it is a good idea to forget the old transmitter in your Bluetooth settings.

If you do not completely understand the process, you might be wise to wait until your current sensor expires. Then press Stop sensor on the phone so you can then enter the new transmitter and pair it with your phone. Then start the sensor on your pump and your phone will join the sensor session.

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In my experience you can go through the whole process on the phone including entering the sensor code and the dexcom will start right up and sync with the current session running on the Tandem.