Dexcom G7

Background…my 3 year old started on the G6 but switched to the G7 as soon as it was available to us. She used the G7 for a very short time because we began using the Omnipod 5 which was only compatible with the G6.

In the short time that we used the G7 I did not like it because it was not nearly as accurate as the G6. I know that Insulet is currently doing test trials for the G7 with the Omnipod 5 and I am nervous about switching back.

Did anyone else feel like the G7 was not as accurate? Has it improved?

placement seems to be crucial to the g7, however, as long as you avoid any muscles, accuracy seems to be about the same. make sure you have the new reader before using the new pods. i dont miss the g6 at all, it is a lot bigger than the g7, and eventually, your daughter will probably be able to wear the g7 a little higher on the tricep and have the pod under it, which is nice for sleeping…plus have 1 pharmacy copay is better than 2. the tricep area seems to be the best for me, and although ive seem it on tge side if the arms, that has never worked for me