Dexcom monthly orders now getting further apart


I submitted my monthly Medicare order for Dexcom supplies on the 14th. Today is the 18th and no notification of shipment yet. Not really complaining–just mentioning it because I’ve often said I’ve no problems to speak of with dexcom Medicare orders (other than a missing email or two). We’ll see how long it takes them to ship my G5 stuff. How are the rest of you Medicare/Dexcom patients doing with your orders?

Nov 2018 - received order on the 2nd
Dec 2018 - 8th
Jan 2019 - 10th
Feb 2019 - 12th
Mar 2019 - not yet shipped as of the 18th


Mine are usually very prompt. The last order I called them about not seeing the order in my account. They took care of the problem while I was on the phone.


I had to call on my last order (Feb 2019 for Mar 2019) because a transmitter happened to fail on same day as re-order for supplies. First tech got a new transmitter and replacement out same day and I got it 3 days later. Tech transferred me to CS after he took care of transmitter order and CS said they were putting my order in but would not ship for 8 days because of warehouse backup on orders. They shipped out order exactly on 8th day as promised and I got it 3 days later.


My Medicare shipments are definitely getting farther apart. I received my “February” shipment in March 6+ weeks after my January shipment, one week was my fault because I didn’t realize that they didn’t send me a reminder email as usual. And then once I placed the order, it went into “processing” limbo for a week before shipping.

I use my sensors for two weeks and reset my transmitters in Spike to get 4-5 months from each one. So I have cushion for what I consider terrible service from Dexcom. I feel really bad when I read on Facebook of seniors who have to go without their CGM for days or weeks because Dexcom has not sent their supplies. Yes, most of us lived without CGM for many years, but my safety and quality of life is much better with one.


I don’t worry about the number of sensors, but the xmitter needs to come every ~100 days.


My order shipped. Arrives the 21st. 9 days later than last month


I used to receive an email from Dexcom every month. Didn’t receive one in late February, so I waited until Mid-March and called customer service. The CSR ordered my supplies and and placed me back on email - not sure how I got dropped in the first place.

I got a follow up email from Dexcom stating that the order was processing and that “Due to the new year, we are required to re-verify benefits for every customer, which may delay your shipment up to 10-14 business days. We will do our best to process your order as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.”

Huh? Orders were filled in Jan & Feb. Besides, 10-14 business days could be a month! Oh well, nothing to do but wait.


The problem I had (and am still having) is waiting on them to “verify” insurance. This was days ago and we are down to one sensor and transmitter expires in less than 2 weeks. On top of that I spoke to one of the operators overseas. I had a hard time understanding them and it sounded like they were speaking from a payphone on a street corner. Lots of background interference. When I called back today I spoke to a US based order person but insurance still hasn’t been verified. Luckily two replacement sensors are out for delievery today.


Yeah, I got that same verbiage in my email. I felt the same way as you do.


I get my supplies from a third party dealer. They email me I resonped and the they call to verify my needs.
I don’t understand people who get their sensor thru Medicare, using them for more then the 7 Days.
Unless I’m the only person who Medicare pays 100%


I can tell you why some use them for more than 7 days! When a sensor is “spot on” from day 2 to 7, it’s tough to pull it when you can expect more accurate days ahead. Sometimes a replacement isn’t quite as accurate.