Dexcom open circle?

Does anyone know what is the open circle instead of a regular data point is?
I had it cut out a few min and I know it’s going to be the end of the sensor so somewhat wonky.

I just don’t what it is telling me.

I checked manual, says it’s the current reading.

I use xDrip, not dexcom app, so can’t confirm.

Assume when you don’t have missed readings, you just never noticed it ??

Also no arrow indicator, since only one data point.

I’ve never seen taht open circle before. Maybe it’s new since I updated the software

It means that the reading showing is not to be used for dosing or considered reliable since it doesn’t have an arrow. I usually get these when the sensor is not working properly.

It means it is fingerstick time as it could be a bad sensor, you are on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, or a host of other reasons that confuse the Dexcom algorithm and the number can not be relied upon for dosing.

I’ve gotten that when the sensor has missed readings so it doesn’t know whether it’s going up or down. Usually within 10 minutes it has enough data points to provide a trend arrow.

This makes sense since my sensor had just crapped out and came back on. It’s also time to change it today.
Thanks for that help, it’s actually back to normal this morning.
I got about 3 hours left onit

Does the circle still show, or did it disappear once readings came in?

Tim. MM1. Is right on the spot. You can see from his graph he had lost and that reading is the back on line . If your using an IPhone the graph will back fill for up to 3 hrs of lost data . But the Dexcom meter doesn’t. In 5 min the the meter will print in another reading and the arrow will show the trending arrow.

Yeah, you get the circle when it has dropped connection. I did a clinical trial and had to wear a bp cup over my transmitter & I lost the connection. It came back after it came off 15 minutes later but the number circle without arrows took about 30 minutes to come back. I had to drive so I tested, the number in the circle was correct, it just took the system some time to get back to its happy place!

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