Lost arrow, alternating with?

The sensor I started up yesterday morning is alternating between ??? and and a bG value with no arrow. I've tried what I understand to be the recommendation on fixing this, entering values that are spaced out at least five minutes. For the past 40 minutes or so, it's been showing values but the arrow is still M.I.A.

Is this a sensor issue, placement issue, or ???


If you're stil getting a lot of "???" after 24 hours, the Sensor is failing to perform. And, unless there is a lot of water under the transmitter, from having failed to press down BOTH of the hold-down clamps, I think that you should replace it immediately.

It might be blood-poisoned; or it might be damaged or from an insertion problem; or it may have been an undetected bad product at the assembly line ... But if it's dry inside, then it's bad. (Notify Dex of the failed Sensor, and they will give you credit for it.)

I'm not qualified to give this advise, of course, but that's what I'd do. Right away.

Just read your post, looked at the CGM, and voila, 137 with a straight ahead arrow! I say it's a keeper!!

OK. But if it goes blank again (with multiple missed readings in a row) I wouldn't give it another chance. For me, those 'sporadic performers' often show really bad numbers when I'm trying to depend on them. YMMV, of course.

Keeping my eye on it.

I am new to this...just on my 2nd sensor, and so far no problems at all. Is an occasional funky one an expected thing?

I gave up on it and called Dexcom. They're sending a replacement sensor. A new sensor is in "marination mode"

"marination mode" HA! :)