Dexcom phone compatibility/phone plan/price

Advice needed. I have a cricket phone carrier. I have a samsung older model phone that is no longer compatible with G6 app. They say it’s going to expire September 7th. So I am checking out other Samsung phones that are compatible, and they’re either 1) don’t use cricket 2) available only through ebay (which I don’t have an account) 3) pretty expensive. I don’t want to spend of $100 for a phone. What do you guys do? have you dealt with this? Thanks, Ame E.

I don’t know anything about Cricket or other phone carriers. I currently have iPhone6 and my IOS system will not allow the download of the new Dexcom app. However, someone else, in another thread, told me my current Dexcom app would continue to run on my phone as he has a version he hasn’t updated for 4 yrs. So far today it is working. I don’t know if Follow and Clarity will continue to work, so far they are. :+1::crossed_fingers:

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Thank you. Its supposed to expire today. So far no issues. Thanks

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I couldn’t remember if it was as of Sep 7 or after Sep 7. If it’s after Sep 7, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. :face_with_peeking_eye::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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So, Cricket is what’s known as a “reseller”. They’re selling generic AT&T service at a better price. It’s owned by AT&T and uses the same AT&T network/towers. It’s exactly the same business model as when Eli Lily sells their own generic of Humalog insulin and just renames it Admelog, even though it’s identical stuff.

So when you go looking for a new phone, you can pick ANY android device that says the word “unlocked” in the description AND either specifically mentions AT&T or GSM (Global System for Mobile communications, which is the type of cell network AT&T uses). A listing doesn’t need to specifically mention Cricket if it meets those 2 criteria. “Unlocked” is the magic word that means the phone will run with all sorts of different providers, not just a specific one. And GSM (or specifically mentioning AT&T) is the magic word that means that specific unlocked phone will work with Cricket, or any other AT&T reseller like Red Pocket, Mint, etc…

But more importantly, there is absolutely no reason to use a phone on Dexcom’s compatibility list. Dexcom’s hands were tied by the FDA, who don’t understand Android and the similarities between phones. Just about any android phone can run the Dexcom app, unless it was made prior to 2015. You just need Android version 6 or newer. And then you can install the “build-your-own Dexcom” app, which let’s you remove the device compatibility check.

Don’t worry, it’s really easy. You don’t actually need to build anything. You just answer a quick question are. I explained it a little more thoroughly in this linked post:

If you like your current phone and don’t want to change, then don’t!


UhOh, those buggers locked me out today! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Got a beep and this is the only thing I can get on my phone from my Dex6 app as of this afternoon. The “More info” just takes me to their website to tell me they have to do updates on software from time to time. And of course the “Update App Now” still doesn’t work as my phone doesn’t have IOS 13 and apparently never will. My phone just kept beeping and this screen kept displaying so I had to uninstall my Dex6 app.
I now have to get a new phone or just use the VERY limited pain in the butt receiver only, which is what I’m doing right now. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Best wishes.

now they moved the expiration date to September 13th…


@ame_e When did they do that? Because at 3:45pm CST today is when they locked me out of my app.

@ame_e Just tried to download the old version I had from the Cloud and got the same notice. Nope. They aren’t gonna let me in.

just turned on my old samsung phone and went to the app and that’s when I got the message about 9/13/2022 expiration date.


sorry to hear this. I will probably be posting the same thing soon!

I’ll keep you posted.


Hang in there! I hope you get something figured out.