Problems with communications on new Samsung S9 and S9+ phones

Just a note here to report that the Dexcom G5 does not work on the new android Samsung 9 and 9+ phones. I never thought it would be an issue when I bought the new phone. I figured it would be OK as the S8 used the same android version as the new S9, and the S8 is an approved device.

From what I have read on the internet, Dexcom may be working on a solution but no information about when the new version will be cleared for use. In the mean time I have to carry two phones now to use my G5. I carry my old S7 phone to communicate with the CGM with wi-fi connected to monitor my BS and I carry my new S9+ to do all the other cell phone functions. Even though cell phone service from my old phone has been disconnected and transferred to my new phone, the old phone still talks to the CGM.

Of all the other apps I use on my S9+, the Dexcom app is the only one that does not work. If you plan to purchase a new S9 or S9+ phone you may want to wait until Dexcom allows your phone to be compatible with these devices.

I never could get my Dexcom receiver to work after I started using the android phone app, so I can’t do that.

You can call Dexcom Technical Support and request assistance. There is no valid reason why your Dexcom Receiver would stop functioning simply because you have a phone connected.

It is fully supported to transmit the G5 data to both the Dexcom Receiver and a Smartphone.

@dannonebr does the app show in the Android Play store for your phone? If not, there is a German hacked version with US support floating around the forums that bypasses the Play store and does work on Android 8.1 . The German version is an authentic version, it just doesn’t do the Play store authorization checks to see if the app is appropriate for your phone/model.

A total alternative is XDrip+ which in IMHO is way superior to the G5 mobile app.

El_Ver, thanks for the tip! Does XDrip+ talk to Dexcom Clarity? My insurance company requires that Dexcom send them my Clarity BS records so that they can see that I am using the G5 and that it is helping me manage my BS.

@dannonebr yes you can set xdrip up to send to Dexcom servers. There are considerably more configuration options with xdrip than with the Dexcom app, including better algorithms with predictive low Glucose alerts

@dannonebr it might be easier if you are unsure about xdrip to just download the modified G5 app (link posted earlier). Other than bypassing the Dexcom/Play store permissions checks for your phone make/model/software version, it is the actual G5 app that you currently use.