Inexpensive Cell Phone & Plan for Dexcom

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive cell phone and plan for Dexcom?

I woulds guess any inexpensive but quality Android phone and cheap but good plan would work, but Apple is is still an option, depending on your budget.

According to Consumer Reports, these are the best providers for value, and the top 2 are the best performing overall, but not always available. If you tell us your city, I can possibly get a more precise answer.

These are the best phones, costing up to $600. You could go for a lower quality phone, f these are too expensive.

These have a maximum price of $400, and a minimum of $200

Could you be more specific about how you want to use the phone with Dexcom equipment? Do you wish to use a Dexcom app on the phone to connect to a Dexcom sensor? Or do you just want to “follow” the results of someone else’s sensor?

In either case, the first thing to do is go to the Dexcom site and check their compatibility list. I say this because Dexcom’s mobile app will not work on my Motorola Moto G7 running Android 10. Sure you can install it. But when you run it a message pops up saying it is not support on the phone it is running on. :man_shrugging:

I had the phone before I got the dexcom sensors. What ya gonna do? :wink:

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I buy my phones off ebay. Never had an issue and save lots of money.

Be sure the phone you buy is on the list of dexcom compatible phones. Always shocked by the number of people who buy new phones then they are surprised it doesn’t work with dexcom app.

You don’t need a phone, in order to use Dexcom. They sell a receiver.

It depends on your situation and how you obtain your devices.

More specifically, in my case I get my pump and CGM from US VA (Veterans Affairs). The VA sent me a Tandem t:slim x2 pump and Dexcom sensors & transmitters. I was not sent a receiver. The intent is that I will use the sensors with the pump so why send me a receiver that I’m never going to use?

Yes, I could buy a receiver directly from Dexcom. My understanding is that it would cost close to $400 US. So far I have not taken advantage of that possibility. Oh, well. :man_shrugging:

If you just want a phone for receiving your dex data you can use an old phone or one from eBay.
If you don’t need or want service just use it with your dex you don’t need to pay for service if you don’t want it.
That being said I’m getting unlimited talk and text and data for $45 US with my cable provider Spectrum. That’s a step up from my old sprint $39 per month with a cap on data.
I buy my phone outright so those are just for the service

Google Pixel 4A for 350 dollars - best bang for the buck - android updates for 3 years

get a to go plan for 3 bucks a month if you only make 1 or 2 calls- why pay 30 or 40 dollars

I have an old t-mobile plan where I only pay 10 bucks a year for a refill and the time does not expire as long as I pay the 10 once a year

I use about 5 mins a year

I have used Walmart family mobile ZTE ( not available now)or their latest 29,99
Android phone should work. Did not use it long bc the Bluetooth required was a lot and I was just more used to using my receiver

I want to use one phone to connect to a sensor. And another phone to to follow someone. I do know you need to check Dexcom’s site to find out if a specific phone is compatible. I’m in Lexington KY. I was just trying to find something inexpensive. I’m going to check with T Mobile Connect tomorrow. It seems like the Dexcom compatible phones are more expensive phones.

I agree.

There are other options for non-supported phones. For android non-supported phones, xDrip is a popular option. I use it with a $30 net10 plan.
I also have fitbit watch that displays dexcom data from xDrip. My primary use is just phone calls, texting and xDrip and this works best in my case.

I’m guessing you’re not going to use this phone as a workhorse, so you probably don’t need to spend anywhere near that much on a new phone. The latest and greatest specs aren’t going to matter to you.

What are you using for a phone now? Why is it not an option to use it with Dexcom? Are you currently an Android or an Apple user? I highly recommend Android if you’re not already committed to Apple, as it allows you many more freedoms and options.

I’m going to second @Timothy . Get a used one! Check both craigslist and the Facebook Marketplace. If you buy local you can get a good look at the phone before you buy it and not spend a small fortune in shipping. A lot of people buy the latest and greatest every year, and resell their excellent condition phone for a fraction of the cost of new.

Look for a used phone with minimal signs of wear. Scratches are fine if they don’t bother you, but don’t buy one with a broken screen with the intention of replacing the screen. Screens are expensive, and if you can’t do the work yourself, so is repair shop labor. Make sure it has either Android version 9 (pie) or 10 installed, preferably 10 as it will be supported longer. Anything older won’t likely get security updates. I don’t know enough about Apple to make a recommendation there.

I wouldn’t buy anything until after Christmas, either. There will big sales clearing out leftover Christmas stock in the stores, if you decide to buy new. But also, I bet you a lot of used phones come up for sale after so many people unbox a shiny new one Christmas morning.

Don’t worry about Dexcom supported devices. Once you get a phone, we can help you install either an unrestricted version of the official Dexcom app or you any 3rd party on you want, my favorite being Xdrip+ (only for Android), so much better than the Dexcom app.

As for phone plans… Definitely go with a reseller. There is zero point in paying the premium for the big name brands, when the smaller companies resell the same exact product at a better price. I’m a fan of Red Pocket personally. We shop their Black Friday sales every year and buy a whole year of AT&T service for a little over $100, usually. At least for me. That’s for unlimited talk, text, and I think I’ve got 3MB of cellular data per month. My husband spends more for more data, but I’m seldom without wifi access. It’s obviously too late to do that this year, but keep it mind next Thanksgiving!


yes, I used xdrip with my 29.99 Walmart Android.

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I got the $20/month sprint plan. Its fine for dexcom

We got two brand new iphones and $40 a month service on Puretalk, which runs through AT&T channels.

I’m buying the phone for my brother, who is Type 1. I want to buy an Android. He’s retired and doesn’t use his phone much. I think I should probably buy an unlocked phone.

You say that as if it’s a bad thing, whereas many Android users are excited just because they CAN use Xdrip. I was under the impression it was generally the preferred option once trying it. Do you not prefer Xdrip to the actual Dexcom app? If not, I’d love to hear why you don’t like it.

And by the way, there are unlocked versions of the Dexcom app available that can be used on any Android phone, just not on the Play Store. They have to be side-loaded, just like you did with Xdrip. So that is most definitely NOT a reason to buy a premium, flagship Android phone (the only ones Dexcom allows) that are outside the particular user in question’s needs.

We use Straight Talk and the $35 monthly plan for our 10 year old daughter. Some of their phones are pretty cheap but for the nicer ones they get pricey. We did buy her an iPhone X around Black Friday and I think it was $299. Other than that initial cost it’s only $35 a month.

Amazon has some unlocked phones (mine is a Motorola) but I only use the Follow App which works fine. not sure how they work with the actual G6 app.

Yes the receiver is ok. But the Dexcom app on an apple phone you get better trend data , also the clarity reports and I found that with the apple app my wife can get alarm notification and follow the trend data.

Plus the iPhone 7 is now pretty cheap at Walmart (Straight Talk) and Dexcom works great with it.