Dexcom reading off even after calibration

I’m so confused. I’ve got my dexcom sensor going and have been doing good all day. It’s been calibrated and everything. My sensor reading all of a sudden went from steady at 65 to fall rate and reading 45. I had just tested and was in the 60’s. I keep testing and it’s steady in 60’s not going up or down. Every time I readjust the sensor reading it takes it for a few minutes (still gives the down arrow) and after a bit it goes back and says I’m 40 something! What the heck is going on, happen to anyone else?

How long has this sensor been in? (Day/hours)?

Not often but we have had a few bad sensor sessions. For what reason not necessarily clear. You may want to call Dexcom Technical Support (24x7 - always open). They can walk you through some troubleshooting and if this is a sensor that is just not working for you (for whatever reason) they would likely (always in my case when I have called for something similar) instruct you to use a new sensor and then send you a replacement sensor.

To eliminate the meter as being the problem (not likely but always possible), do you have any physical symptoms of low BG? As well, have you confirmed the BG readings using a different meter and a different container of test strips?

Do THREE calibrations 15 minutes apart. No sooner. No later. Then see how it goes. Calibrate only when you have a horizontal arrow on the receiver and when your blood sugar is quite stable

I’ve often found these diving panic false lows have been caused by a blood-fouled sensor, especially if the sensor has been inserted in the last day or two. If you look at the sensor bandage, is there any evidence of blood?

Just a thought, but I’ve observed the symptoms you report and I’ve found it’s often a sensor that nicked a blood vessel upon insertion. I suspect that the blood interferes with the enzyme on the sensor to produce a reliable signal.

It generally will take a couple of calibrations a bit apart from one another to bring a sensor back into range if it’s that far out, either that or there is always the potential of the sensor or the site that you’ve placed it not working right.

One thing to also keep in mind here is that the sensor is reading interstitial fluid which can be up to 10-15 minutes delayed from blood-based testing. Your finger sticks will be a more accurate depiction of current levels, whereas the readings you get from the Dexcom will have a slight delay to them.

Agree with Dave44’s suggestion. Its been a day though…everything OK now?