Dexcom Reports for Endo

I have an appointment with my Endo tomorrow and I want to print reports from my Dexcom for her. I’m just not sure which reports to print for her. Her staff just said, print everything and she could tell me from there what to print for next time. Anyone have any suggestions on what to print? Thanks.

My dr wants me to print- my success report and modal day. If this is any help.

My Endo just connect my receiver to her computer and looks at reports.

The first time, when I did print all the reports, the only one she was interested in was the Modal day report.

My endo just connects the receiver and goes. Do you have a laptop that you could take for the first appointment then you know exactly what he/she wants for next time?

Thanks everyone. I figured the modal day report was good. I just didn’t want to have to print everything when she only wanted one report. I do wish I had a small laptop or netbook to take, but I don’t. I just have a rather large laptop my son gave me when he bought a new one.

What about a USB flash drive? That way, you could save all the data, etc, they can pick at the office :slight_smile:

I think there is a way to print to a .jpg file or something like that…

I drug my 17" laptop with me as I refused to print that much paper :wink:

You probably want to print the one where it shows what happens over the last 7days trend wise (I can’t remember the name off the top of my head)…

I’ll upload my pump information in the morning before I go. I know she can see that in the office. I’m not sure about the Dexcom. I’ll print out reports in the morning for that. I did find out that the clinic doesn’t have public wifi, but she has a computer in her office. I just thought it would be nice to sit together in the appointment and look at everything, plus I didn’t want to use all the paper either, lol