What Dexcom7 plus Data Mgr 3 reports should I print for endo appt

This is my first endo appointment since I started using the DexCom Seven Plus system in mid-September.

My doc is assertive and on top of things. She has stated in the past that two to three weeks of records is enough.

I have seen her a year and have dropped my A1c from 7.4 to 6.6 in that time.

What reports do you suggest I print to take with me for my visit?

As a sidenote.....do any of you use the "event" tags in the CGM system? Are they critical for getting the most out of the system?

I bring the three weeks of Glucose Modal Day reports to both my CDE and my Endo. They use them to spot trends.

I haven’t used tags (and I don’t think they print on the Glucose Modal Day report). I think the tags dp print on Glucose Trend Report.

My Endo likes to see 30 days of the hourly chart. It shows the trends and we can adjust basals from the report. I brought my laptop in the first time and she flipped through the screens. I was her first patient with Dexcom and she didn’t know a capabilities of the software that comes with it. She loves it now. Dexcom owes me some free sensors; she prescribed dozens of the devices since that meeting.

Thanks Brad and David. I’ll start with the two reports you suggested. She may have one she prefers…but I won’t know that till after the appointment. Your response has given me a place to start.

I had my appt last week. I just took my laptop because I didn’t know. Then I found out, they had the software to download Larry right there in the office.

Follow up: The first time I went to my endo, I brought printouts of every Dexcom and OmniPod report. Such a waste of trees! If you can bring a laptop and show your Dr., she can pick the ones she wants to see without your killing a forest. My CDE knew exactly which reports she wanted, so no waste there.