Reports and Graphs

Okay so I am not a logger and I have not used my sensor (CGM) for the past week and I have my endo appointment on Tuesday.

I just downloaded my pump to get ready for endo appt on Tuesday and not sure I get much from all my reports and graphs, I kind of live for the moment with my diabetes. I eat bolus for carb count if I have it, or guesstamate mostly, and I am not sure I get much from all these reports and graphs, but I must download now, since endo no longer does this for me when I go and wants me to bring in my data.

Do you gain knowledge from your reports? I am sure hoping endo can figure it out and help me tweak things.

I am able to gain knowledge from mine. For me I can look at the different times I have set up for my basals and see if my basals are working for me and if my carb count is ok during that time period as well. Basically for me it is up to me to make the pump work for me as my doctor has no one else on the pump and he has never treated anyone with a pump, so him and I are learning together on this. When I make changes I only do a half unit change at a time. And I check often when I make changes in my basals or my carb ratios.