Dexcom’s CEO on G6 Launch & G7 Update / Changes at Beyond Type 1

I was on G4 a year ago, upgraded sometime around the summer to G5. I have been told by folks at Dexcom that the G6 will be sent to Medicare covered pts sometime after April. So, from April on, you’ll be getting the 6 rather than the five.

I may get out my Dremel and do some carving up of a couple of my xmitters, to install fresh batteries if the G6 is as problematic for me as it seems to be for a lot of others.

Wow, thank you for this info. I had a heck of a time on g6 and switched back to g5. Interesting about body fat because I don’t have a lot. Do you happen to recall the Facebook name that had trouble w g6?

“Dexcom G6”

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also, “Dexcom CGM Users”

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I have replaced the batteries a number of times on my G5. Once you figure it out, it really isn’t that hard. Doesn’t take much time at all once you have done it.
I use clear epoxy to cover, makes it easier to see the batteries when sanding off the epoxy when replacing for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. times.
Btw, a “angle grinder bristle disc” is great for sanding down the original and later epoxy coverings. It doesn’t grind the metal too fast.
One hint, DEFINITELY use a meter to measure you voltages to make sure your connections are what they need to be .


Medicare just switched me from G4 to G6 in now January not later this year Painless process just signing a couple of pages that i knew what I was doing and my Dr. script.

One note I do not like the short receiver distance of the receiver that comes with the G6 system. My phone is better but when making a comment(carb/insuline) in either the phone or G6 receiver it will not show in the other. I could be anywhere in my house 50-70ft from my G4 receiver and it would receive fine this new G6 won’t receive if 10+ft away.

April? (Sigh.) This actually is bad news for me. I started on the G6 a few months ago, currently have a love/hate relationship with it, but probably will continue to use it… if I can afford to do so. I start Medicare as of March 1, so I was hoping that I could automatically get my March - May refills through Medicare without a hassle. I still pray I can do so since I currently am using the G6.

Is the “hate” part due to sensor errors, inaccuracies, adhesion issues?

I’ve been on G6 for a couple of months. The only time I do a finger stick is if my BG is really high, like 300, so pretty much never. I put skin-tac around the edge of the adhesive pad prior to inserting the sensor. I swim twice per week, use the sauna 3 times per week, and do hot yoga. Haven’t had a single sensor start to peel up around the edge. Absolutely love G6. Side note - just switched to omnipod after being tethered for 17 years. It is awesome. Nice to have two free hands when getting dressed, using the bathroom, etc.

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