Dexcom’s CEO on G6 Launch & G7 Update / Changes at Beyond Type 1

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Dexcom’s CEO on G6 Launch & G7 Update / Changes at Beyond Type 1 - Podcast

January 22, 2019
Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer answers your questions and looks ahead. We talk about issues with the G6 sensors, Medicare, what happened to the Share servers New Year’s Eve and he takes lots of questions from listeners. Plus, a look ahead to the smaller G7. That new version will have the transmitter and sensor in one piece. It’s due out in late 2020.


it’s cool that we can adjust the playback speed. (right-click in Firefox. Chome on Mac: it doesn’t work. dunno about chrome on Windows)

I just listened this morning. I was thinking about writing a post but you beat me to it. It’s an interesting interview. My take away is that Dexcom will start shipping G6 systems to those of us on Medicare in the first half of 2019 and as soon as the first quarter of the year.

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2109? Hmmm… I’ll be long dead by then.

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ah, i can’t have any fun if you correct it. :slight_smile:

I often post and then proof-read but you were too fast!

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I do most all my proofing after I post. For some reason I don’t notice mistakes in the edit box.

From the CEO’s remarks, sounds like I’ll get switched to the G6 before June. Not all that thrilled about that news. Maybe only new Medicare dexcom users will be placed on the G6 sometime in 2019, rather than us G5 users who have a 3 year warranty on the receiver.

Looks like those of us self-funded in Canada will no longer be able to use G5 sensors for > 4 weeks any longer when they roll out G6 later in year :tired_face:

I sure hope it’s late Q4

However, Jim, you can restart the G6 (I’m sure u know that already) A day or two ago, I found a post that outlines a drop-dead easy method for restarts.

3 times or more Dave?

And as CEO mentioned, the revised algo’s “turn off / reject” a sensor if raw data shows wonky readings (which from personal experience I’ve found is often a temporary aberration)

3 x10 = 30 days. that’s a lot of days, IMO. I don’t know if going forward, they will do something to totally thwart those choosing to do restarts. I hope they don’t.

Dave - aren’t you the person who mentioned strong immune system (and how it impacted the life of all your Dexcom sensors)?

I’m immunosuppressed (take an immunosuppressant for SLE) hence my G5 sensors last for at least 4 and as long as 6 weeks. This saves me $3,115 self-funded out of pocket dollars.

Personally I’m happy with the G5

ah, no, it was speculation on my part, regarding immune system. i.e, just a “WAG”

Was suprised that G7 target release in 2020.

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Dexcom’s relationship with Medicare is a subscription arrangement and I think the 3-year DME warranty is a moot consideration. My understanding is that we will all be switched to G6 as our transmitters expire in the spring of 2019. But I will believe it when I see it.

I am trying to figure out how to restart the G6 sensor while using the Tandem pump as a receiver. Anyone?

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Sounds like you are hoping for G6 coverage soon, and I’m hoping Medicare will NOT switch us already using the G5 until our 3 year warranties have expired

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If the ‘sensor’ doesn’t last 10 days, you call in, and they send a replacement -for the G6 anyway. My son has been using G6 for a few months now, and they’ve replaced a BUNCH of them for him. It is quite often in fact. Never had such issues with G4. The insertion is much better, but the tape doesn’t hold nearly as well, plus we run into far more “false lows” when he rolls on his side while sleeping. If they had done the FDA approval for more than the stomach area, that would have helped immensely.

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On a couple of the Facebook Groups , there is a vocal group that claims the G6 is fantastic and another vocal group that says the G6 is terrible. One thing I do know is that Dexcom admits the G6 is problematic for those with little body fat. Another thing they admit to: the adhesive isn’t working well and have vowed to fix it. In fact, they MUST fix it or they aren’t going to get 14-day wear approval. Meanwhile, I’m on the sidelines enjoying my G5’s.

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