Medicare G6

It appears that G6 will be shipped in early December 2019, or earlier, in place of G5 orders from Medicare customers.
I was told by a Dexcom sales person that my next order(December 1) will be a G6 set, not my current G5.
I didn’t ask about non-Medicare customers, so it’s only my assumption that Dexcom has already at least reduced production of the G4/G5 sensors.

It all depends when Medicare G5 transmitter expires. I don’t expect to see G6 before January 2020 at the earliest as I have recently received a new G5 transmitter.

I won’t get switched to the G6 until February. They can put it off indefinitely for all I care.

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I use Byram Healthcare as my Medicare Part B distributor. They told me a month ago that they will ship me a G6 system in December. I am still using the G4 system and have a nice cushion of G4 and G5 supplies to soften my start of the G6.

I am not in any hurry to get started with the G6 as I think the G4 and G5 performance is good enough to serve as the basis for my automated insulin dosing system. I’ve read many reports here and elsewhere that even though people are generally happy with the G6, the sensor often fails before the expected 10-day life.

I’m hoping that my current G4/G5 supply will ease my transition to the G6 such that I will not have to telephone report every G6 sensor that doesn’t make it to 10 days. That’s my plan; I hope it plays out that way. We’ll see.


I was told, when I ordered the G5 sensors, that my next order would be filled with the G6 sensors. I think that you guys are all correct in saying that it will be changed to G6 upon my next transmitter order, which would be February, since a G5 transmitter is being included with my current order.
The salesperson sounded uncertain about whether I should be sent a G5 transmitter or a G6 kit, so I assumed that I was ordering right at the end of G5 availability for Medicare customers.

Naw, I don’t think so. There are so many variables, Medicare/Non Medicare direct, Medicare/Non Medicare through third party pharmacy with additional variations by state etc. that there is no way a salesperson really knows the latest permutation/combination for any particular patient at a specific moment in time. The agents, including the salespeople really only know the general script they are given which is also available online on the Dexcom Website. Beyond that, their guess is as good as yours. Some of us closely follow the Dexcom earnings calls and other publicly available information to get better insights, however, they are just insights and planned expectations, not guarantees.

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